"Among the mysteries of science lies the key to victory."

Affiliation: Heroic Decepticons

Function: Lieutenant Commander

First cartoon appearance: none

First Comic Appearance: Botcon 2008 Exclusive, Convention Comic

Character description from "tech spec:
In his youth, Starscram was one of the most brilliant sceintific minds to ever graduate from the Crystal city Science institute on Cybertron.  When the Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons began, Optimus Prime tried to recruit Starscream but he refused.  As a consequence, Optimus ordered the crystal Cith destroyed as Starscream watched in horror.  Shortly afterward, the Decepticons rescued starscream and it was at that point he knew his purpose.  He swore a life of debto to Megatron and decided to apply his scientific skills toward the development of ways to fight the Autobots.  Through his work, he found ways to design more complex transformation based on Megatrons' original technology and has developed weapons able to effectively counter Prime's opression.  He approaches his work witha grim demeanor and the feverent hope that one day, rather than using his skills for destruction, he will instead be able to work for the betterment of Cybertron.

Bibliography of significant appearances: All characters of the Botcon 2008, "Shattered Universe" are personas existing in an alternate reality.  Their story was featured in the 2008 convention comic, several of the Transformers Collector Club comics and a few prose-only stories including "Dungeons & Dinobots." 

Other appearances:

- 1984 -  G1 original Starscream
- 1987 - decoy Starscream
- 1989 - G1 Classic Pretender Starscream
- 1990 - G1 Action Master Starscream
- 1993 - G2 Starscream
- 1997 - Machine Wars Starscream
- 1998 - Japan only Beast Wars II Starscream ("and d' BB!!")
- 2002 - Armada Starscream
- 2004 - Energon (deluxe) Starscream, Prowl vs. Starscream 2-pack, Japan only Robot masters Starscream
- 2005 - Cybertron Legends Starscream, Cybertron Supreme Starscream, Cybertron Voyager Starscream vs. Vector Prime, Energon Starscream (recolor)
- 2006 - Classics Starscream, Takara-Tomy Masterpiece Starscream (Japan only version), 3" Titanium Starscream
- 2007 - Movie Legends Starscream, Fast Action Battlers Battle Blade Starscream, deluxe Protoform Starscream, (Voyager Class) Starscream, (Voyager) Starscream -G1 deco, Starscream barrel roll blaster, (U.S. release) Masterpiece Starscream, Titanium 6" War Within Starscream
- 2008 - Transformers Animated Activator Starscream, (Voyager Class) Starscream, Botcon Exclusive Shattered Glass Starscream, Movie Legends Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs. Stealth Starscream, Robot Heroes Allspark Bumblebee vs. Starscream, Movie Deep Space (premium) Starscream, Universe Legends (G1) Starscream
- 2009 - Revenge of the Fallen: Legends Starscream, Robot Heroes Autobot Springer vs. Starscream, Gravity Bots Starscream, Robot Replicas Starscream, (Voyager Class) Starscream, Leader Class Starscream (2010?), Universe Legends Starscream, 25th Anniversary (deluxe) Starscream,

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