"Soar above those who would bring you down."

Affiliation: Heroic Decepticon

Function: Aerial Combat

First cartoon appearance: none

First Comic Appearance: Botcon 2008 Exclusive, Convention Comic

Character description from "tech spec:
Divebomb was a daydreamer who would often come up with brilliant theories as he stared happily at the sky.  When the war came, his only escape from its horrors would be to dream of a better time, both in the past and future, when destruction would not be a part of his every day existence.  there is a deep sadness inside Divebomb's Ember that he masks with a cheerful exterior.  He understands his importance in the Decepticon/Autobot conflict and never want his personal sorrow to affect anyone else.  The only time he will let his true feelings show are when he is alone, soaring above the world in the sky that he could once only dream about touching. 

Bibliography of significant appearances: All characters of the Botcon 2008, "Shattered Universe" are personas existing in an alternate reality.  Their story was featured in the 2008 convention comic, several of the Transformers Collector Club comics and a few prose-only stories including "Dungeons & Dinobots." 

Other appearances:

- 1986 - G1 Predacon Divebomb
- 2004 - Energon Terrorcon Divebomb
- 2007 - Mini-con helicopter member of Classics Night Rescue Team
- 2008 - Botcon Exclusive Shattered Glass Divebomb, Movie Deluxe Divebomb

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