"Destroy it with style or don't bother destroying it at all!"

Affiliation: Evil Autobots

Function: Bodyguard/ Special Operations

First cartoon appearance: none

First Comic Appearance: Botcon 2008 Exclusive, Convention Comic


Character description from "tech spec:
Autobot Jazz and his brother Ricochet serve as Optimus Prime's powerful and merciless bodyguards.  while the Seeker unit is designed to hunt down and destroy targets, Jazz and Ricochet stay with Optimus Prime to protect him against any and all threats.  Jazz is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal and trusted aides.  He only wishes to serve the glorius future that Optims laid out for the Autobots and he is completely convinced of his cause.  Recently, Jazz intercepted a series of transmissioins from a planet called earth.  While garbled, he managed to decode and translate just enough to become enamored with the planet's culture.  As a result, he gave himself a new design pattern with his own special modifications.  Everything he does has to be with style, from talking to simply transforming.  While Optimus Prime finds this behavior strange, he allows Jazz some latitude from standard Autobot military practice as longs as he remains loyal to him.

Bibliography of significant appearances: All characters of the Botcon 2008, "Shattered Universe" are personas existing in an alternate reality.  Their story was featured in the 2008 convention comic, several of the Transformers Collector Club comics and a few prose-only stories including "Dungeons & Dinobots." 

Other appearances:

Jazz, also known as "Autobot Jazz" in later years, apparently because Hasbro lost the trademark or simply becaus "Jazz" is not copyrightable, made the following appearances as Transformers toys:
- 1984 -  G1 Original Jazz
- 1987 - Classic Pretender Jazz
- 1990 - Action Master Jazz
- 1993 - One of only 3 cars to get the recolor treatment as G2 Jazz
- 2006Alternators Jazz (called Meister, his Japanese name), 3" Titanium Alternator Jazz
- 2007 - Movie Legends Autobot Jazz, Robot Heroes (G1) Jazz, Robot Heroes (movie) Autobot Jazz, Fast Action Battlers Ion Blast Jazz, deluxe Autobot Jazz, deluxe Autobot Jazz G1 Deco, deluxe Final Battle Jazz, Robot Replicas Autobot Jazz, 3" Titanium (movie) Autobot Jazz
- 2008 - Transformers Animated Bumper Battlers Autobot Jazz, (the definitive TFA) Autobot Jazz, Botcon Exclusive Shattered Autobot Jazz, Movie: Legends Autobot Jazz vs. Bonecrusher, Legends Battle Jazz vs. Ice Megatron, Robot Heroes Protoform Jazz vs. Brawl, Cyber Slammers Autobot Jazz, Deluxe Allspark Power Autobot Jazz, Deluxe Premium Autobot Jazz, Universe Legends (G1) Autobot Jazz
- 2009 - Bumper Battlers Stealth Ninja Jazz

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