Affiliation: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Thug

publicity still

Alternate mode:
Supersonic Bomber
Weapon: "Power Mace" Turboblasters and "the punch"

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, "Transform and Roll Out."  With earth alternate mode, episode 8, "Lost and Found"

First Comic Appearance: Transformers Animated: Arrival #1

"All hail mighty megatron." 

We wish to extend a special thanks to Cartoon Network PR Department for providing with character bios and information.

LUGNUT (Voiced by David Kaye)

LUGNUT is more a force of nature than a DECEPTICON. MEGATRONís fiercely loyal but none-too-bright attack dog. He would gladly follow his leader into the depths of hell. Of the DECEPTICONS, only LUGNUT refuses to believe that MEGATRON is gone for good. When we first meet him, LUGNUT has devoted his life to preserving his beloved leaderís memory and vanquishing his foes. LUGNUT deems himself and any other DECEPTICON unworthy to take the mantle of leadership. Personality-wise, LUGNUT comes across as a cross between a pit bull, a Klingon and a manic street preacher. 

Robot Mode Power: LUGNUT is incredibly strong, the Hulk to BULKHEADís Thing. He also carries a payload of mega-bombs and can spew liquid napalm with laser-like accuracy. But he much prefers to rip things apart with his bare hands. 

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Supersonic Bomber. 

Character description from package "tech spec":  Lugnut has absolute faith in Megatron and that makes him one of the most dangerous Decepticons.  His is a fanatic in support of the Decepticon cause and unquestioning in following the orders of his commander.  His dedication is backed up by incredible strength and fighting skills that led to him being feared and respected across Cybertron.  Each punch from his powerful hands carries the force of a small bomb, so the only way to survive a fight with him is to avoid ever letting him hit you.  Unfortunately, he's almost as fast as he is strong.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
> Known as the "Kaon Krusher" on cybertron.

> Mace is powerd by a star core

> Learned dirty fighting in the Grand Arena. 

Other appearances: There was a "Lugnutz" character in 2006 Transformers Cybertron.  However the different spelling as well as significant personality differences make it quite clear they are different characters. 

Bibliography of significant appearances: First appearance in cybertron alternate mode was in the Animated Movie Intro: Transform and Roll Out.  Lugnut "finally showed up" and returned to prominance in episode 8 " Lost and Found."  Among core Decepticon characters Lugnut plays a part most subsequent episodes but is especially prominent in Megatron Rising part 1 and part 2, 16 Mission Accomplished, 17 Garbage In, Garbage Out, 25 and 26 A Bridge Too Close parts 1 and part 2.

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