Autobot and Sector 7
Function: Espionage

Alternate mode: Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV)
Weapon: Cryo-shock rifle

First Movie Appearance: None yet. The vehicle that would become Landmine was seen in the movie.
First Comic Appearance: Reign of Starscream (Movie Sequel) #1

"It's what's under the surface that's the most dangerous."

Excerpts taken from Sector 7 classified documents.

Profile: You were wondering how we came into possession of a friendly Transformer? Well, we didnít realize what we had gotten ourselves into. We knew the AllSpark had changed some things into robots, but we were utterly ill prepared for what happened in that desert. We were on our way back to Sector 7 headquarters with all our classified technology, when the DPV suddenly jolted back and forth. Then it transformed, sending us flying through the air. The giant metal monster whipped out its claws and began charging at us violently. Fortunately, our cryo-shock rifle managed to land nearby. As we began sending freezing impulses at the creature, it writhed in pain. Something more like desperation began to sink in. It attempted to flee, but could not find the way through the pain. It was at this moment that the cryo-shock rifle malfunctioned. We thought we were truly finished. However, Captain Lennox happened upon us on his way home. The Autobot known as Ironhide transformed and knocked the other Transformer, currently known as Landmine, to the ground with one blow. Ironhide told us that these new Transformers need to learn how to integrate with their new world. As Landmine returned to his feet, Ironhide told him that we were going to help him, to teach him our ways. Ironhide said that he reminded him of an old war buddy from Cybertron with huge claws by the name of Landmine. That stuck as his permanent name and now we train him as a Sector 7 agent. Landmine states that he enjoys the excitement and intrigue of working as an agent in a super-secret organization. He also realizes that he is helping save humans and Autobots alike by providing his services.

Abilities: In the short time Landmine has functioned, he has learned all of Sector 7ís protocols, including espionage, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism and military strategy. He has learned fighting techniques from Ironhide as well. His cryo-shock pistol can also be mounted on the roof in vehicle mode.

Weaknesses: As a young Autobot indoctrinated into the Sector 7 program, Landmine cannot be fully trusted as an Autobot nor as a Sector 7 agent. He does not always take his responsibilities seriously.

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Endurance: 4
Rank: 4
Courage: 8
Firepower: 6
Skill: 5

Other appearances: Thereís the original Pretender Landmine from 1988. There was Energon Landmine in 2004, who became Cybertron Landmine from 2005. Obviously, this is a new character with distinct personality, but I like to think that Energon and Cybertron Landminesí claws somehow connect the two characters.

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In Sector 7 bunker 2a
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catchin' up w/ OP 2j
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note Sector 7 symbol, (just like toy)
green smoke is the mark2s!

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