2006 has arrived and with it a continuation of the highly anticipated second half of Transformers Cybertron television episodes.  Also, rumors of the series to follow Cybertron, something to the effect of Transformers G1 revisited have already begun...

IDW will take begin its run as the licensee of comics ans we cannot wait! Amazingly, it is the 10 year anniversary of TF: Beast Wars.  A new comic, featuring characters which didn't make it into the shows has many, including this fan eager with anticipation.  As well, IDW has many other plans for G1 and more...

As we await the release of TF:TM -live! the year will undoubtedly also be characterized with more speculation and rumors flying high than ever.  More to come...

episode synopsis will be added as they become available.

A = Autobot(s)
D = Decepticon(s)
OP = Optimus Prime
VP = Vector Prime

27: Critical

28: Assault

29: Starscream

30: United

31: Cybertron

32: Balance

33: Darkness

34: Titans

35: Escape

36: Family

37: Warp
















Number 0 came in 2005, but is being listed with the others. Issues 1 to 6 were available in four covers not including exclusives. Each "a" cover links to the next issue, with 6a wrapping around to link with 1a. Also, this story was available in trade paperback, collecting all six issues. Written by Simon Furman with art by E.J. Su.

Infiltration #0 covers
Botcon 2005 cover, exclusive cover
The human cast is introduced as Verity Carlo, a runaway adventurer, and Hunter O'Nion, alien geek. Runabout and Runamuck are after the palm computer that Verity stole, and so is Ratchet.

Infiltration #1 covers, exclusives
Ratchet picks up Verity and Hunter, and the palm computer in the process. But Runabout and Runamuck are still after it. It's fight and flee. Plus Jimmy Pink, another human.

Infiltration #2 covers, exclusives
Ratchet and the kids are still running from the Battlecharger brothers when Thundercracker shows up. Prowl, Ironhide and Sunstreaker come to take Ratchet into custody?

Infiltration #3 covers, exclusives
While the Autobots argue over action, Blitzwing and Skywarp are taking care of loose ends. Bumblebee joins the cause of Ratchet and the kids.

Infiltration #4 covers, exclusives
The kids investigate the Decepticon command bunker and what Verity finds will astound even her. And Blitzwing and Skywarp come to destroy the bunker.

Infiltration #5 covers, exclusives
Still under attack, Ratchet, Bumblebee and the kids try to escape the command bunker. Secrets about the Decepticons' presence are revealed. Oh, and Megatron reveals himself.

Infiltration #6 covers
When Megatron gets upset, everyone knows about it. The Autobots watch as Megatron takes his wrath out on Starscream and other Decepticons. We're left with more questions like what is ore-13 and where'd it come from? And who is the Machination?

Heralded as nothing but robots on Cybertron, this takes place concurrently with Infiltration. The four issues came in two covers not including exclusives. The "a" covers are interlocking wraparound covers, also available in poster form. This story was also available as a trade paperback. Written by Simon Furman with art by Don Figueroa.

Stormbringer #1 covers
Jetfire and the Technobots discover strange readings on the uninhabitable Cybertron. When they go to investigate, will it be the last time they set foot on the planet?

Stormbringer #2 covers
With Jetfire and 3 Technobots captured by the Decepticon (future) Pretenders, Optimus Prime calls on the Wreckers to come to their aid. Plus, a preview of infiltration on Nebulos.

Stormbringer #3 covers
Bludgeon continues the bio-cybernetic grafting process that Thunderwing had started. As the infiltration on Nebulos gets out of hand, Optimus Prime and the Wreckers try to rescue Jetfire and the Technobots.

Stormbringer #4 covers
As Optimus and Jetfire unknowingly stop the controlling force behind Thunderwing's assault on Nebulos, Thunderwing brings his fury to Cybertron. Can the Autobots stop him before the Predacons destroy the planet?

We get to see stories with few characters from the perspective of one character. Developments would carry over to future titles like Escalation. Written by Simon Furman with art by various artists.

1. Shockwave covers
Art by Nick Roche
Where did the ore-13 come from? This issue, set in the past depicts how and why Shockwave seeded many planets with it. When Shockwave goes to Earth, the Dynobots follow. Will Grimlock sacrifice himself for revenge against Shockwave? Also, an incredible Beast Wars style origin for the Dynobots.

2. Nightbeat covers, Botcon exclusive
Art by M.D. Bright
In what could possibly be a precursor to the Headmasters, Nightbeat is led on a hunt by forces unknown. Micromasters? He is captured and forced to take a cerebral implant.

3. Hot Shot covers
Art by Nick Roche
Ghosts of the past haunt Hot Rod until he finds the last living member of his inaugural tactical command in a Decepticon penal colony. But is there more to his friend, Dealer than he knows? First and (probably) final appearance of Autobots Backbeat, Download and Gizmo.

4. Sixshot covers
Art by Rob Ruffolo
Sixshot faces off against the world destroying Reapers. To join them, all he has to do is destroy the Terrorcons.

Stories featuring the Beast Wars characters not seen in the television series. This takes place on prehistoric Earth during the same time as the TV show. Written by Simon Furman with art by Don Figueroa.

The Gathering #1 covers exclusives
Magmatron leads a small contingent of Predacons, including Razorbeast, to prehistoric Earth. They are chronally displaced so that the planet's other combatants cannot register them. Magmatron's mission is to activate the remaining stasis pods to build himself an army.

The Gathering #2 covers
Magmatron is after the remains of Tripredacus Agent. Razorbeast gathers his army and fights Magmatron. Optimus Minor looks for the transwarp amplifier, but Drill Bit gets the drop on him.

The Gathering #3 covers
Ravage, or Tropredacus Agent, returns in his Transmetal form. Magmatron captures Megatron? And the appearance of Beast Wars Grimlock.

The Gathering #4 covers
Grimlock versus Magmatron. Ravage versus the Maximals. As Razorbeast tries to take the fight to Magmatron, the gathering is completed.