"I think I'll have me a little fun!" (Episode 10)

History: In an attempt to gain Megatron's favor, Thundercracker looked for the Autobot's secret base on Earth. He has attacked numerous fighter jets for fun. Thundercracker attacked a helpless Cybertronian civilian, and the Autobots fought him. He left, but came back to shoot Landmine in the back before he could go through the dimension gate.

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #10: Search - Attacks civilian; Attacks Landmine.



Affiliation: Decepticon
Base planet: Earth
Function: Unknown
Alternate mode: 
Earth Style motor boat

Galaxy Force name: Chromia

First Cartoon Appearance: 

First Comic Appearance: none

Official character text from packaging... 

Thunderblast knows that the weakest part of any Autobot is his obnoxious sense of nobility. They're constantly rushing to the rescue, and every last one of them would sooner scrap a basket of Antilian bumble-puppies than blast a female as pretty as she is. She uses that fact to her full advantage; more than one Autobot has fallen first for her charms, and then to her plasma torpedoes. As an agent working on Earth for Starscream, she knows better than to trust any Decepticon, but she finds a kindred spirit in the con-man Sideways.

Cyber Key Code: dh62Little does anyone know but Thunderblast is actually one of the released ancient Decepticon monsters that Starscream freed from the North Pole. When she was cruising the waterways in the ancient days of mankind she was mistaken for the Sirens of myth and legend. Luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks, the playful (yet evil) Thunderblast would sing out in the ancient Cybertronian tongue to tempt the human sailors. She’s rotten that way...

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
Text will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

Abilities:  Weapon of choice, "Thundercannon" activated by Cyber Key...  Additional information will be added/edited as it becomes available...

Weaknesses: Additional information will be added/edited as it becomes available...


Bibliography of significant appearances:

* more to be added later.

Other appearances:  Interestingly, one of the conniving side kicks of the original G1 Starscream was G1 Thundercracker, another original character released in 1984.  Now, depending on your opinion of continuities you may or may not think this character is related to the original.  It's clearly stated that the original G1 Megatron is different that the Beast Wars Megatron, but over the years I've come to think of Armada/Energon/Cybertron Megatron as the character that will one day go on to lead the Predacons in the Beast Wars...  I also see the Ar/En/Cy Starscream as a different individual than G1 Starscream.  I tend to think that he like BW Megatron, took his name as an homage to the original.  My theories of Megatron and Starscream do not support or disclaim the idea that this could be connected w/ the original Thundercracker... So we'll leave that up to you and your imagination! 

There was a European-only release Action Master named Thundercracker, (sorry, no character page yet) which apparently is the original character in new G2 form.  There is also a Thundercracker in 2003 Armada, but this is simply Armada Starscream recolored in blue and red colors and surely not related to Cybertron Thundercracker.

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