Affiliation: Decepticon
Base planet: Earth
Function: Unknown
Alternate mode: 
Earth Style motor boat

Galaxy Force name: 
Chromia クロミア

First Cartoon Appearance: 

First Comic Appearance: none

more toy pix:
robot mode, w/ weapon 1b
bot mode, weapon ready 1d
bot mode cyb key power! 1e
boat mode, opposite angle 2a
boat mode, front angle 2c
boat mode, cyber key activation 2d

Character History: Thunderblast was one of the "monsters" captured and imprisoned by Crosswise.  Her previous form is unknown, but she's now loose on Earth and set to contribute in her own special way to the Transformers Cybertron saga... more to come as season second-half episodes begin to air...

Official character text from packaging... 

Thunderblast knows that the weakest part of any Autobot is his obnoxious sense of nobility. They're constantly rushing to the rescue, and every last one of them would sooner scrap a basket of Antilian bumble-puppies than blast a female as pretty as she is. She uses that fact to her full advantage; more than one Autobot has fallen first for her charms, and then to her plasma torpedoes. As an agent working on Earth for Starscream, she knows better than to trust any Decepticon, but she finds a kindred spirit in the con-man Sideways.

Cyber Key Code: dh62
Little does anyone know but Thunderblast is actually one of the released ancient Decepticon monsters that Starscream freed from the North Pole. When she was cruising the waterways in the ancient days of mankind she was mistaken for the Sirens of myth and legend. Luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks, the playful (yet evil) Thunderblast would sing out in the ancient Cybertronian tongue to tempt the human sailors. She’s rotten that way...

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
Text will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...


Bibliography of significant appearances:
Episoce 26, her first appearance

Other appearances:  Thunderblast is an original character name, she has made no other appearances in the Transformers Universe, besides the mini-con versus pack, oddly enough, released this same year, 2005.

more cartoon pix:
robot mode 1b
robot mode 1c
robot mode 1d
robot mode 1g
vehicle mode 2c
vehicle mode 2d
vehicle mode 2e
vehicle mode 2f