"There is a deserving Decepticon, and I'm more than ready to take over." (Episode 6)

Affiliation: Decepticon
Base planet: Earth
Primary function: 
Alternate mode: 
Cybertronian Seeker Jet

Galaxy Force name: 

First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #1: Fallen

First comic appearance: none

History: Starscream was content to play the role of second in command to Megatron until the time was right. Starscream was put in charge of finding Earth's Cyber Planet Key by Megatron. When Starscream went to Velocitron, the speed planet, he took Ransack and Crumplezone to the junkyard to attack Red Alert. The two thugs were beaten by Red Alert, but Starscream nearly destroyed him. Back on Earth, Starscream received a call from Megatron to go to Velocitron. Starscream told him "no!" and said that he was busy on Earth. He attacked the Cybertronian civilian Mudflap and talked Mudflap into joining him. Starscream took Mudflap with him to the North Pole and threatened the kids and Professor Suzuki. Scattorshot defended them, and Starscream froze him and was pummeling him. The kids were able to send a distress signal because Starscream ignored them. Starscream gave Megatron a fake map and Megatron followed the signal. When Megatron reached the area that the next Cyber Planet Key was supposed to be, Starscream sprung a trap that encased Megatron and some others in a solid bubble. While on Earth, Starscream looked for the Cyber Planet Key of Earth. He saw Crosswise trying to protect something and attacked him. Starscream found the Decepticon prisoners and freed them. He also trapped Optimus Prime in the ice. Starscream sent his new army to blanket the Earth looking for the Cyber Planet Key. Heading towards the Autobot base, Starscream saw Evac traveling by himself. Starscream and Sideways attacked Evac, but he made it back to the other Autobots. Starscream fought all the Autobots and was almost completely destroyed. In the battle, he managed to steal Earth's Cyber Planet Key from Evac and the Omega Lock from Vector Prime.

Official character text from packaging... 

cyber planet key code: s5a3

Earth Planet: Now under the protection of Jetfire, Scattorshot and the other Autobots, Earth is a front line in the struggle for domination of the universe. With their home world of Cybertron under threat by the super giant black hole left by the destruction of Unicron, the Autobots and the Decepticons have secretly moved their bases of operation to Earth. With the help of Vector Prime, and a few humans that have discovered their presence on Earth, the Autobots must race against time and battle an unbelievably more powerful Megatron and his new army of Deceptions to recover the lost Planet keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons. What few realize is that this little planet called Earth has played a vital role in the history of Cybertron for millions of years.





Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
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Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #7: Speed - Attacks Red Alert.
*Cybertron episode #14: Race - Ignores Megaton's orders; Recruits Mudflap.
*Cybertron episode #19: Ice - Threatens kids at North Pole.
*Cybertron episode #23: Trap - Traps Megatron in bubble; Frees prisoners; Traps Optimus Prime in ice.
*Cybertron episode #24: Invasion - Sends army to find Key.
*Cybertron episode #25: Retreat - Steals Earth Planet Key and Omega Lock.

* and more to be added as Cybertron part 2 episodes begin to be aired...

Other appearances:  

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