Affiliation: Decepticon
Base planet: Cybertron
Primary function: unknown

Alternate mode: Starscream-like Seeker Jet
Weapon: unknown

First cartoon appearance: none
First comic appearance: none

another toy pic, jet straight-on view

From the "wishful thinking" files of

Profile: Badly damaged following the first great war against Unicron Skywarp went into hiding allowing his body the megacycles it needed to heal....  He was never quite the same and preferred to be a "behind the scenes" player during Unciron's second coming while working for the new (Armada) Megatron.  He returned to seclusion and opted not to fight alongside Megatron druing the Energon wars but returned to Cybertron and assumed his original 'seeker' form.  Always being one of his favorites, he hadn't functioned in this form since before the Ark's fateful crash on Earth 4 million years earlier. 

Other appearances: There was of course the G1 original released in 1984.  For a brief moment, we get a glimpse of Skywarp in the Beast Wars as he lay deactivated aboard the Ark as  Megatron flies over him in The Agenda part 3.  Surprisingly, he didn't reappear for many years until 2003, ironically as another recolored version of Starscream.  Why not assume they're all the same individual in different forms?