"My word is law on this planet!"

Affiliation: Decepticon
Home Planet: (Jungle) Beast

Primary function: 
Jungle Planet Supreme Ruler

Alternate mode: 
3-headed dragon

Galaxy Force name: 
フレイムコンボイ (Flame Convoy)

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron ep #10: Search

1st comic appearance: None

History: A native of Jungle Planet, Scourge was a student of Backstop along with Snarl. When fighting on the planet increased, Scourge took it upon himself to fight back and to unite the planet under his command. This was done against Backstop's wishes. Some time later, Megatron came to him requesting the Cyber Planet Key. Scourge was challenged by Overhaul for the Key and Scourge was about to destroy him when Snarl grabbed Overhaul and took off. Overhaul challenged him a second time and put up more of a fight. Megatron interfered by throwing Snarl at Overhaul and Scourge almost destroyed them both. Overhaul changed into Leobreaker and escaped with Snarl. Scourge forced Optimus Prime's team to fight Megatron's team. He was impressed when Optimus Prime combined with Leobreaker in their Savage Claw Mode to defeat Megatron. He received a challenge from Optimus Prime, not knowing it was faked by Sideways. In the ensuing battle, he was hit hard with the Savage Claw Mode. When Optimus tried to talk with him, he refused to listen unless Optimus fought him. Leobreaker attacked him and Scourge defeated him. Scourge showed compassion when Megatron attempted to destroy Leobreaker while he was down. Scourge said Leobreaker was a worthy opponent. Scourge accepted the challenge sent by Optimus Prime. Scourge allowed him the use of one teammate. Optimus chose Leobreaker and they formed the Savage Claw Mode. After a few blows were exchanged, Optimus and Leobreaker called on the power of the Cyber Key and defeated him. Scourge demanded that Prime finish him off, but Prime said that he was an honorable opponent and allowed him to live. Optimus gave leadership of the Jungle Planet back to Scourge.

Official character text from packaging... 
SCOURGE is the brutal and awesomely powerful ruler of the Jungle Planet. He views any display of kindness, compassion or generosity as weakness, and he hates weakness. Cold, distant, and prone to violent rage against those he views as lesser creatures, he holds most of the Jungle Planet firmly in his transmetal claw. Those defying him are likely to experience the searing heat of his stellar plasma breath, or the bite of his axe as their final sensation before their Spark is extinguished. OVERHAUL, SNARL, and the Jungle Planet rebels will find him to be the most powerful foe they have ever faced.

Cyber Planet Key Code: u2m8
In Japan, all the planet leaders have a similar name. The Japanese leader Transformers all have the same “last name” and that name is “Convoy”. So, Optimus prime in Japan is called Galaxy Convoy! Pretty cool, right? Well, Scourge, since he’s a dragon is named Flame Convoy.

bot mode, holding axe
dragon mode, full body shot
dragon mode, HUGE (great pic!)
dragon mode, hind legs close-up
dragon mode tail/axe
Cyber Key

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

RANK: 10
SKILL: 7.5

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #15: Detour - Fights with Overhaul.
*Cybertron episode #17: Sand - Takes blow from Savage Claw Mode.
*Cybertron episode #20: Honor - Past revealed; Shows compassion.
*Cybertron episode #21: Primal - Defeated by Savage Claw.

Other appearances: There have been several other Scourge characters in the Transformers Universe, some major characters, others less so.  The original Scourge was a "movie star". TF The (1986) Movie that is.  As Galvatron's right hand bot, Scourge led his own group of tracker/hunters, the Sweeps.  The next Scourge character was in 1999, a wicked Transmetal 2 Locust character in the Beast Wars, unfortunately he made no appearances in the cartoon so his connection to the original or any other Scourge is purely speculation.  

There was also a Scourge character portrayed in the 2001-2 TF:RID line. (Sorry, no character page yet.). Which was followed by this version.

more cartoon pix:
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robot mode 1b
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robot mode 1e
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robot mode 1t

dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode
dragon mode