Affiliation: Autobot
Base planet: Earth

Alternate mode:
all-terrain, weapons transport vehicle

Twin Rocket Launchers,
key activated flip open missile rack

Galaxy Force name: 

(Back Pack)

Cyber Key power: Light grenades

First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #1: Fallen

First comic appearance: none

"We are so doomed." (Episode 2)

History: Scattorshot was the Autobot in charge of their headquarters on Earth. He directed the Autobots in building the headquarters and sat at the main control center of the base, analyzing information and keeping the Autobots informed. He reluctantly took Bud to space for a "good-will" visit where he was almost killed. When the Autobots went to the North Pole to investigate climactic changes, Scattorshot came across Starscream and Mudflap threatening the kids and Professor Suzuki. Scattorshot defended them, but Starscream was able to freeze him and pummel him. The kids were able to send a distress signal and the other Autobots arrived in time to save Scattorshot. Scattorshot then officially met Professor Suzuki. Scattorshot was destroyed when Megatron received a new Cyber Key Power and blasted him, Hot Shot and Red Alert.

Official character text from packaging... 

Possibly the most neurotic AUTOBOT ever created, SCATTORSHOT always gets the job done. As the right hand ‘bot to JETFIRE in protecting Earth, he worries so much about messing up in front of his legendary commander that he sets a nearly impossible standard for himself. Despite his nervous clumsiness, he somehow never seems to fail, but his good luck just serves as proof to him that somewhere in the universe is a huge store of bad karma just waiting for the right moment to come crashing down on him.

Cyber Key Code: s67k
Although an active and important part of Optimus Prime's team of Autobots, Scattershot really loves to play Cybertronian video games! He used to be a video game programmer back when he was younger on Cybertron. His nervousness may work against him sometimes in battle, but that high-strung nature keeps his mind sharp and Scattershot uses his knowledge of strategy games to help Optimus make their plans against the Decepticons.

Profile: Additional character text will be added as it becomes available.

Abilities: For a little guy, he packs some pretty serious firepower!  Additional information will be added as it becomes available...

Weaknesses: As yet, unknown. Additional information will be added/edited as it becomes available...


Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #2: Haven - Headquarters on Earth built.
*Cybertron episode #5: Space - Takes Bud to space, nearly killing him!.
*Cybertron episode #19: Ice - Defends kids.
*Cybertron episode #26: Revelation - Destroyed.

Other appearances: Rumor has it, Scattershot will get the big military reformatting treatment... but nevermind that (yet)!  He has not appeared again in any other generation of the TF Universe.  There is another Scattershot character released in 1987 the leader of the Technobots combiner team. Given personality differences, it is likely to be just another individual with the same name.

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