Affiliation: Autobot
Base planet: Earth/Speed
Primary Function: 
Autobot Medic

Alternate mode: 
Rescue ATV

Galaxy Force name: 
ファストエイド (First Aid)

First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #1: Fallen

First comic appearance: none

History: Red Alert was responsible for keeping track of the black hole and trying to destroy or contain it. After the gravitron grid collapsed, he joined the Autobots on Earth. He was sent along with Hot Shot to Velocitron, the speed planet, to investigate the whereabouts of the Cyber Planet Key for that planet. Hot Shot was going against orders by getting involved so Red Alert tried to reason with him. Hot Shot got involved again and Red Alert became upset with him. Red Alert went to the junkyard looking for something, when he was attacked by Ransack and Crumplezone under the supervision of Starscream. Red Alert turned away the attack by the two Velocitron thugs, but was nearly destroyed by Starscream. Fearing for the spark of Hot Shot, he sent an emergency transmission to the Autobots, which they responded to by going to Velocitron. When they arrived, Red Alert told them everything that had happened. Red Alert was destroyed when Megatron received a new Cyber Key Power and blasted him, Hot Shot and Scattorshot.

Official character text from packaging... 
Self-sacrifice is a way of life for RED ALERT, but non-stop fighting with the DECEPTICONS has caused him to doubt his skills as a healer. His vast sensor array and integrated tools and his instincts as a scientist give him an almost limitless capacity for absorbing data. He considers every possible course of action before committing to a plan, which brings him into conflict with the hot-headed HOT SHOT when the pair arrives on the Speed Planet.

Cyber Key Code: d26w
Red Alert used to be a warrior in the old days of Cybertron. He fought alongside Landmine, Jetfire and Optimus Prime for years and years before the "accident". One day he was on the battlefield when Starscream attacked him. The evil Decepticon jet dove down into attack position and pulled out his Energon Saber. Red Alert went to block the attack, but Starscream lopped off his hand! Red Alert ended up putting a medical multi-tool where his hand used to be, but he has never forgiven Starscream...

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses: 
Text will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...


Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #3: Hidden - Mission to contain black hole fails.
*Cybertron episode #4: Landmine - Sent to Velocitron.
*Cybertron episode #6: Rush - Two arguments with Hot Shot.
*Cybertron episode #7: Speed - Attacked at the junkyard.
*Cybertron episode #26: Revelation - Destroyed.

Other appearances: There have been several other Red Alert characters in the TF: universe. The first Red Alert character was released way back in 1985  a second year original, Autobot.  Yes, I know, this Autobot security officer needs a character page re-vamp (I'll get to it!)  In 1987 there was the TF "decoy" Red Alert.  In 2002 Armada Red Alert was a featured character, followed by the Powerlinx Red Alert of 2003.  The character took a year off, before making a comeback in 2005 with in my opinion his coolest form, Cybertron Red Alert followed less than a year later with the heavily armored Cybertron Defense version of 2006...

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