Recon Mini-Con Team
Affiliation: Mini-Con / Autobot
Primary function: Reconnaissance 
Alternate modes: copter, race car, pick-up

Weapon: none
First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #1: Fallen

First comic appearance: None

History: The Recon Mini-Con team befriended the humans Coby, Bud, and Lori. The children ride in them often and the Mini-Cons help the kids investigate. Jolt talked Scattorshot into taking Bud into space. When the "bubble" was knocked into Earth's atmosphere, Coby and Jolt went up and Jolt used a dimensional portal to send Bud and Scattorshot to headquarters. In the Sahara Desert, they stood their ground against Megatron and were destroyed, but Vector Prime reversed time so they could escape. Jolt helped Bud and Lori sneak into a building looking for information. The kids first met Professor Lucy Suzuki there. The Mini-Cons helped Coby go to Velocitron to watch the races. When Starscream's army looked like they were going to attack Earth, the kids and the Mini-Cons were picked up by Colonel Franklin.

Galaxy Force names: 
ホップ (Hop) 
バンパー (Bumper) 
ブリット (Bullet) respectively

Official character text from packaging... 

JOLT—the leader of the team, and the only one able to speak a human language—is a great lover of human culture, addicted to television, music and the Internet. On more than one occasion he has caused difficulty for the AUTOBOTS by forgetting he's not a human being. SIX-SPEED and REVERB, though sometimes frustrated by their leader's tendency to become distracted by cartoons and web-comics, love the excitement of missions with their human partners, working as a fast response strike and rescue team on away missions on the Lost Planets.

Change these three recon agents from vehicles to robots and back again! Each MINI-CON figure is poseable and ready to do whatever it takes to save CYBERTRON!

Cyberkey Code: sh26

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
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group shot, robot mode 1c
group shot, robot mode 1f

JOLT is a TV junkie! That's how he learned to speak English! He would work at home on the Giant Planet to try and pick up Earth TV signals on his computer and he would watch everything from cartoons, to sitcoms to dramas and movies. Don't tell Bud, Coby or Lori, but he really loves to watch soap operas!


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vehicle mode 2k

When Six-Speed first met Bud, Lori and Coby he was confused about their clothing. Why did they need to wear outer shells? Autobots didn't need to wear protective shells - why did humans? One day, Coby came to the hidden Autobot base and found that Six-Speed had snuck into his closet and "borrowed" some of his clothes to try and fit in! Six-Speed was wearing swim shorts, a clip-on tie; sweat pants on his head and socks on his hands!

RANK: 4.5

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vehicle mode 3i

Reverb is the youngest of the three Mini-Cons that travel with Vector Prime through time and space -- so he is also the most impatient when Vector Prime tries to teach them to use time travel powers. Once, Reverb ended up stuck in the year 1955 and he had to hide as a hot rod car for 3 weeks before Vector Prime was able to rescue him!

RANK: 4.5

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robot mode 4f
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Bibliography of significant appearances:
Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #5: Space - Jolt talks Scattorshot into taking Bud to space; rescues them.
*Cybertron episode #9: Time - Destroyed; Came back when time was reversed.
*Cybertron episode #16: Savage - Go to Velocitron.
*Cybertron episode #24: Invasion - Picked up by Col. Franklin.

Other appearances: There was an Energon-sword wielding G2 Decepticon released in 1994, sorry no character page for him done yet...  Clearly a different individual with the same name.  Reverb and Six-speed are original character names and have likewise made no other appearances in the TF Universe.

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robot mode, Jolt 1a2
robot mode, Six-Speed 1b
robot mode, Reverb 1d