OPTIMUS PRIME is a leader in the best sense of the word, taking point on every mission and never sending his team into any situation he wouldn’t go into himself. Dedicated to the protection of all life and the preservation of freedom for all sentient beings, he serves as a role model for his fellow AUTOBOTS. It is through his keen intelligence, even hand, steady nerves and endless compassion that the AUTOBOTS continue to frustrate the evil plans of DECEPTICON again and again.

UNLOCK THE POWER! Super-sized OPTIMUS PRIME figure is battle-ready three different ways! Change from robot warrior to heavily armored super robot and then to a futuristic missile-launching long-hauler! Electronic lights and sounds juice up the action! Activate tons of special features with the AUTOBOT Leader Planet Key—reveal the heavy ION blaster or snap out hidden twin rocket launchers! Place this awesome figure at the front of your AUTOBOT ranks to fend off the evil DECEPTICONS. . . it’s going to be a fight to the finish to save CYBERTRON!

* OPTIMUS PRIME figure features electronic lights and sounds and key-activated hidden features like rocket launchers or a heavy ION cannon!
* Requires 2 “AAA” batteries (not included).
* Figure comes with planet map and instructions.


"We have a universe to save!" (Episode 21)

Affiliation: Autobot
Base planet: Cybertron
Primary function: 
Autobot Leader

Alternate mode: 
Cybertronian Fire Truck

Galaxy Force name: 
キャラクシーコンボイ (Galaxy Convoy)

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #1: Fallen, Although episode #3 Hidden aired first in North America.

First comic appearance: None, in this form


History: Optimus Prime, sensing immediate danger from the black hole created by the destruction of Unicron, evacuated the Autobots from Cybertron to Earth. Vector Prime told him of the Cyber Planet Keys and synchronized a planet map. The Autobots were drawn outside their headquarters by Starscream. Optimus, realizing the attack by Starscream was just a diversion, rushed back to headquarters to find Megatron with the map. In the ensuing battle, Megatron escaped with the map. After the Atlantis spaceship was raised from the water and into space, Optimus Prime figured out that the ship wa is behind the moon. When the Autobots got there, Megatron was already on board. Megatron possessed the Omega Lock and had started a self-destruct sequence. Optimus fought Megatron for the Omega Lock while the ship tore itself apart. Optimus took the Autobots to Velocitron at Red Alert's request, and found that things had gotten out of hand. He tried to talk to Override about the Cyber Planet Key, but she wasn't sure whether to believe him or Megatron. Optimus received a distress signal from the Jungle Planet and took Vector Prime with him. Once there, they met with Leobreaker and the others. Scourge demanded that they fight Megatron's team and Optimus realized he could combine with Leobreaker into Savage Claw Mode. They defeated Megatron with this mode. Optimus Prime asked Backstop to tell him all he knew about Scourge. Optimus sent a challenge to Scourge to face him in battle. Scourge allowed him use of one teammate. Prime chose Leobreaker and they formed the Savage Claw Mode. After a few blows were exchanged, they called on the power of the Cyber Key and defeated Scourge. Prime spared Scourge's life, saying that he fought with honor. Optimus became leader of the Jungle Planet, but placed Scourge back in charge. Trying to stop Starscream from releasing the Decepticon prisoners, Optimus Prime was trapped in the ice by Starscream. He was freed by Jetfire, and led the Autobots to stop Starscream's army from attacking Earth. When Starscream stole Earth's Cyber Planet Key and the Omega Lock, Optimus Prime vowed to stop him. The combined might of the Savage Claw Mode knocked Starscream hurtling toward the Earth, along with the Key and Omega Lock. Starscream sent a blast toward the kids and Mini-Cons, so Optimus chose to stop the blast and Starscream got away with the items.

Official character text from packaging... 
Long-time champion and leader of the Speed Planet, OVERRIDE is always ready for a race. Acceleration is her only ideal, but she respects anyone with the guts to challenge her. She's faced and beaten thousands of upstart speedsters in her time. Though at first suspicious of the intentions HOT SHOT and the AUTOBOTS have for her world's Cyber Planet Key, OVERRIDE is only too glad to help once she realizes what's at stake.

Cyber Key Code:





Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
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Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #1: Fallen - Evacuates Cybertron, fights Megatron for the map.
*Cybertron episode #12: Ship - Fights Megatron for the Omega Lock.
*Cybertron episode #13: Hero - Goes to Velocitron.
*Cybertron episode #16: Savage - Combines with Leobreaker.
*Cybertron episode #21: Primal - Defeats Scourge in battle.
*Cybertron episode #23: Trap - Trapped in ice.
*Cybertron episode #25: Retreat - Battles Starscream for Key and Omega Lock.

Other appearances: