Affiliation: Autobot
Home Planet: 

Galaxy Force name: ロングラック

First cartoon appearance: 
Was that him being pulled out of a rut by Overhaul in episode...  The show which delved more heavily into the very interesting concept of "civilian Autobots."

First Comics Appearance: None

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robot mode
vehicle mode
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Official character text from packaging... 
Tough as nails and patient as a mountain, Longrack just wants to fulfill his mission to repair as much of the damage already done to Cybertron as possible. He doesn't like to fight, but that doesn't mean he's not good at it. If Runamuck and the other Decepticons are spoiling for a confrontation, Longrack is more than willing to introduce them to his powerful crush-steel punch.

Cyber Planet Key Code: d48m
In 1999, Japan introduced a new Transformers series it was called Beast Wars Neo.  There were a ton of figures in this line like a rabbit Transformer, a horse Transformer and even a penguin Transformer!   But one of the most interesting in the line was Longrack Longrack was a giraffe Transformer!  His function was a Deputy Commander under an Optimus Prime character that turned into a Wooly Mammoth!  This is the first time Longrack will turn into a vehicular mode!

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...


Bibliography of significant appearances: none

Other Appearances: Longrack is an original character name and has made no other appearances in North America TF series.  This character is based on a Japanese only Takara series Beast Wars II.  Long Rack was a very cool looking Giraffe character, sorry no character pages built for BWII figures yet.