Affiliation: Autobot
Home Planet: Jungle

Galaxy Force name: 
ライガージャック (Liger Jack)

First cartoon appearance: 
Cybertron episode #15: Detour

First Comics Appearance: None

History:  While on Jungle Planet, Overhaul was fighting Scourge. He heard one of the totems calling him. He called back and was changed into Leobreaker. When Optimus Prime arrived on the Jungle Planet, Scourge forced them to fight Megatron's team. Leobreaker changed again and was able to combine with Optimus Prime to form a Savage Claw Mode. With this mode they defeated Megatron. When Sideways told him that a friend was trapped in a rock-slide, Leobreaker took the Autobots right into a trap set by Sideways. The Autobots fought Scourge and Megatron's team. Leobreaker combined with Optimus again to land a hard blow to Scourge. When Leobreaker disagreed with Optimus, he fled to the mountain. He talked with Snarl and rejoined the Autobots. When Optimus challenged Scourge, Scourge allowed one teammate to join him. Optimus chose Leobreaker and they formed the Savage Claw Mode. After a few blows were exchanged, Optimus and Leobreaker called on the power of the Cyber Key to defeat Scourge. When Megatron tried to steal the Jungle Planet Cyber Key, Optimus trusted Leobreaker with the real Key and sent decoys with the other Autobots.

Official character text from packaging... 
After learning some tough lessons at the ruthless hands of the Jungle Planet's dictator SCOURGE, OVERHAUL found greater strength in himself than he thought possible and morphed into the mighty LEOBREAKER! His new lion mode is a nearly unstoppable hunter, perfectly adapted to life and battle on the Jungle Planet. Teamed up with the Jungle Planet rebels, he's determined to bring the fight to the evil dragon-bot and his DECEPTICON cronies in a final battle for freedom and the Jungle Planet Key!

Cyber Planet Key Code: vg08
When Leobreaker came back to Earth after living on jungle Planet he learned about sports and Leobreaker got the great idea of competition by skill rather than fighting. He tried to get his Autobot buddies to form a Cybertronian softball team - and he even made shirts, caps and over-sized bats and balls! One day, his teammates Snarl and Backstop found his new equipment and the two beasts used the new bats to sharpen their claws and horns, and then they used the over-sized softballs for target practice!!

more toy pix:
robot mode posed large1b 1b,
robot mode, smaller pic 1c,
beast mode, claw deployed 2b,
beast mode different angle 2d
combined w/ OP, savage claw mode 3b
combined w/ OP, savage claw mode 3c
combined w/ OP, savage claw mode 3.d

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
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Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #15: Detour - Changes from Overhaul.
*Cybertron episode #16: Savage - Combines with Optimus Prime.
*Cybertron episode #17: Sand - Combines again to hit Scourge.
*Cybertron episode #21: Primal - Defeats Scourge.

Other appearances:  Not surprisingly, Leobreaker is an original character name and has made no other appearances in the Transformers Universe.

More cartoon pictures:
robot mode 1a
robot mode 1b
robot mode 1e
robot mode 1f
robot mode 1g
robot mode 1h
robot mode 1i
robot mode 1k
beast mode 2a
beast mode 2d
beast mode 2e
beast mode 2f
beast mode 2g
beast mode 2h
beast mode 2j
beast mode 2k
beast mode 2m
savage claw mode 3b
savage claw mode 3c
savage claw mode 3d
savage claw mode 3e
savage claw mode 3f
savage claw mode 3g

With claws deployed, sure you have to use your imagination to 'see' the "hand" the way it appears in the show, but it's there, complete with 2 fingers and a thumb!