"Eat my dust." (Episode 10)

Affiliation: Decepticon
Native Planet: Velocitron (the speed planet)
Primary function: Race champion
Alternate mode: 
Race-convertable Monster Truck

Weapon: cyber key powered, shoulder-
mounted laser cannons

Galaxy Force name: 
インチアップ (Inch Up)

Cyber Key power: 
Dirt Dog Attack

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #5: Space

First comic appearance: None 

History: A native of Velocitron, Dirt Boss joined the Decepticons out of hate for Override. Dirt Boss won the second qualifying race when Override crashed and Hot Shot stopped to help her.

Official character text from packaging... 

A wild outlaw, rugged villain of the rough backwaters of the Speed Planet; those who are fooled by the sheer size of DIRT BOSS into thinking he’s slow are soon left choking on his exhaust. He lives to pound his opponents into the dust and leave them spinning their wheels—that’s if he decides to leave the wheels attached. HOT SHOT is certain to learn some tough lessons from him.

CyberKey Code: d3h7
As one of the citizens of Speed Planet, Dirt Boss is known for two things, and two things only - one is being the meanest, rudest and crankiest driver on the road and the other is that he LOVES to drive, drive and oh yeah, drive some more! It's hard to believe, but like most folks on Speed Planet, Dirt Boss LOVES to stay in vehicle mode! Why walk when you can drive - but watch out! If you cross Dirt Boss on the road, watch your tail lights!!!

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses: 
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

Speed Planet: The pure racing culture of the Speed Planet is about to change forever, as it becomes the first battleground in the war for the lost Planet Keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons on the lost colonies.  In order to save Cybertron Optimus Prime sends Hot Shot and Red Alert to face the untold dangers of this lost planet and an army of Decepticons, who seek the planet keys for their own evil ends.  

The speed planet is a tangled mass of roads, trails and aerial race tracks, ruled by the dazzlingly fast Override.  For millions of years, the inhabitants of the Speed Planet have been devoted to the pursuit of perfect acceleration, tuning their vehicle forms for optimum horsepower, displacement and torque.  It is a turbo-charged world of cold air intakes, narrowed air flow profiles and stiff struts, where only the fastest survive, and the slow are left behind, grills choked with the dust of a thousand street battles.


Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #15: Detour - Wins second qualifying race.

Other appearances: Geez, I would've sworn that there was another Dirt Boss character.  But I cannot find'm.  I was thinking it was the name of one of the Micromaster Autobots from the Monster Truck Patrol or the Off Road Patrol.  But nope.  

Correction! There was another Dirt Boss character, one member of the Mini-con Race Team which united to form the Skyboom shield in TF: Armada, 2002

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