Affiliation: Autobot
Base Planet: Earth

Alternate mode: Truck, w/ towing capabilities

Galaxy Force name: N/A, North America toy release only

First cartoon appearance: none
First Comics appearance: none

Character history: Unknown

More toy pix:
robot mode, at attention 1a
truck mode, different angle 2b

Official character text from packaging:
A soldier to the core, Armorhide is often frustrated by missions that don't go perfectly according to plan. He often finds himself aggravated during the search for the Planet Key on Earth. Still, he finds a kind of joy in the frequent battles with the Decepticon forces that seem to block him and the other Autobots at every turn. Tough, dedicated and fearless, Armorhide neither asks or gives any mercy in the ongoing battle with the evil Decepticons.

Cyber Key Code: s645
As a plucky new recruit to the Autobot army, Armorhide is always ready with a word of encouragement or a joke to get his partners through the day. In fact, Armorhide is really working on his material as one of the only stand-up comedians in the Cybertronian army. Before the war with the Decepticons broke out, he used to try out his routines in the great hall of Altihex. After Megatron launched a surprise attack on Altihex while he was on the road, Armorhide made it his goal to not only stomp out the Decepticon menace any way he could, but to try and put a smile on anyone's face he came across during the dark times of war...

Profile, Abilities & Weaknesses:  
Will be added/edited as more information about the character becomes available...

SPEED: 5.5

Bibliography of significant appearances: Unfortunately, as a North America only toy, release made no appearances in the TF Cybertron cartoon series.

Other appearances: There was at least one other Armorhide character in the Transformers Universe.  A Deception, recolored version of the combaticon Brawl who united to form "Ruination"  in the "Robots in Disguise" line of 2001, he made a few appearances in the shows, but did not play a major role. Sorry, no character page for him yet. Safe to say, he's a different individual with the same name.