Well at long last many of our questions have been answered.  Dreamwave comics no longer exists and will not make a comeback in another form.  The comics will return with a new publisher, IDW but sadly, not in 2005.  

Energon cartoons (mercifully) came to an end and TF: Cybertron first aired July 3rd.  Strangely enough the first episode shown was the 4th episode of the Japanese Galaxy Force.  Finally, a great show to accompany even better toys!

Transformers: Cybertron takes place directly after the ending of Energon. Some core characters are "upgraded", while others just disappear. New characters join the Autobots and Decepticons, while most new characters come from the four planets that have Planet Keys, ancient objects of unknown power. The shows are well done compared to Armada and Energon. The kids don't scream every other line and the robot voices seem less metallic. The inclusion of Richard Newman, the former voice of Rhinox, as Vector Prime was a pleasant suprise. Also, messages like "never giving up" and "standing up to your fears" are great additions.

A = Autobot(s)
D = Decepticon(s)
OP = Optimus Prime
VP = Vector Prime

1: Fallen
The destruction of Unicron (from last Energon episode) caused a black hole to form that will soon engulf Cybertron. As a precaution, Cybertron is evacuated to Earth and the refugees must remain in disguise. VP tells of an attempt to create a spacebridge using four planet keys and an omega lock. VP creates a map of the locations of the four planets, but Megatron steals it. Landmine is rescued by VP, who sends him to Earth. On Earth, he is discovered and repaired by Coby, Bud, and Lori. Lori's shirt has a picture of the omega lock, called an Atlantis pattern, and VP assumes it must be somewhere on Earth.

2: Haven
The A's use the abandoned mountain owned by Lori's father to build their base. The kids help with the design of the base. Megatron and Starscream attempt to locate and destroy the secret base.

3: Hidden
Red Alert's gravitron grid fails to collapse the black hole, so OP decides to go ahead with VP's plan to locate the omega lock. The kids try to help the Autobot refugees blend in on Earth. Meanwhile, Megatron goes to Velocitron, the speed planet.

4: Landmine
Bud finds an Atlantis pattern in Mexico and the A's go there to investigate. On Velocitron, Megatron enlists the aid of Ransack and Crumplezone. Starscream and Thundercracker attack the A's in Mexico and Landmine takes on Starscream. OP sends Hot Shot and Red Alert on a mission to Velocitron.

5: Space
Megatron races Override for information about the planet key. Scattorshot and Bud go into space and require rescuing. Hot Shot violates direct orders by interfering to rescue Brakedown from Ransack and Crumplezone.

6: Rush
Megatron challenges Override again. Against orders, Hot Shot joins the race. The personality clash between Hot Shot and Red Alert is one of the best in TF's since Brawn and Perceptor (G1) went at it. Can Hot Shot ever stay still? And can Megatron ever do anything without cheating?

7: Speed
Starscream plots for the time when he can take over the D's. Thundercracker tries to catch the A's in a trap, but does he really want to? Meanwhile on Velocitron, Hot Shot starts to push himself too hard in a race with Override...and crashes. Ransack and Crumplezone attack Red Alert in a junkyard and it's only when Starscream gets involved that Red Alert's in trouble.

8: Collapse
Coby teaches Jolt about humans and family. When Mt. McDermott starts to collapse and puts the kids town in danger, it's A's to the rescue. Or is it? And who's the mysterious man tracking the A's?

9: Time
Hot Shot continues his pursuit of extreme speed to win the Planet Cup. On Earth, the A's track the Omega Lock to the Sahara. Megatron destroys the Recon Team, but VP uses his powers to reverse time.

10. Search
Megatron goes to the Jungle planet to convince Scourge to give up the Planet Key. Thundercracker attacks an Autobot civilian for fun. The civilian was trying to report a sighting of the Atlantis pattern. It was not the Omega Lock, but had coordinates for the Jungle planet. OP sends Overhaul and Landmine to Jungle planet, but Landmine is attacked before entering the gate.

11: Deep
Backstop helps Overhaul after the earthquake and we learn a lot about the Jungle planet and Scourge. On Earth, the A's go underwater to investigate an Atlantis pattern sighting and find something huge...besides the whale. D's attack but VP takes matters into his own hands. First appearance of the mysterious Sideways.

12: Ship
VP warped the ship to behind the moon. VP and the kids look for the Omega Lock onboard as the D's attack. The automatic defenses hold them off, but Megatron gets through. When Megatron steals the Omega Lock, he sets of the self-destruct. OP takes on Megatron for the Omega Lock as the ship breaks apart. The A's receive an emergency transmission from Red Alert on Velocitron.

13: Hero
The A's come to Velocitron and OP tries to convince Override to let them borrow the Planet Cup (Key). All she wants to do is race for the Cup. OP agrees to let Hot Shot race like he was already doing, but with teammates backing him up. Nice use of emotions with Hot Shot. And the race begins.

14: Race
The race for the Planet Cup begins. Of course the D's will cheat, but the A's try to keep things fair. The top three finishers qualify for the next race. Meanwhile on Earth, the kids break into a museum to investigate artifacts. The first appearance of Professor Lucy Suzuki as she discovers the kids in her office. The mysterious man also pays Professor Suzuki a visit. Starscream convinces Mudflap to join him. And on the Jungle planet, Overhaul challenges Scourge.

15: Detour
The second of three qualifying races for the Planet Cup takes place on a city course. Hot Shot stops during the race to rescue Override and doesn't win. Overhaul takes on Scourge on the Jungle planet, but Megatron interferes. Overhaul hears the call of the Jungle planet and changes into Leobreaker. The mysterious man tracks the kids.

16: Savage
Sideways calls A's and D's to Jungle planet and sets them against each other with Scourge watching. Leobreaker merges with OP in Savage Claw mode for the first time. Coby and Recon Team sneak away to Velocitron to watch the race.

17: Sand
The final qualifying race for the Planet Cup takes place in the sand of Velocitron. Dirt Boss holds an obvious advantage, but can Hot Shot overcome the odds to finish the race. Also, great teamwork by Brakedown and Coby. Meanwhile, on the Jungle planet, Sideways draws the A's and Scourge on a collision course to battle.

18: Champion
The race for the Planet Cup puts Override vs. Hot Shot vs. Ransack and Crumplezone. Almost the entire episode is the race. Some cheating by the 2 D's, but it comes down to Override and Hot Shot. And the winner is...(wait, that would be tellin'). After the race Megatron tries to steal the Planet Key.

19: Ice
The Omega Lock sends out more information and the A's go to the North Pole to investigate. The kids go to a store to buy winter gear in Fairbanks, Alaska, and are discovered by Professor Suzuki. The kids go with her and reveal everything. They are then attacked by Starscream and Mudflap. Scattorshot comes to the rescue, but will he pay the ultimate price. Also,  OP, VP and Leobreaker go to the Jungle planet (called the Beast planet this episode for some reason).

20. Honor
OP tries to talk to Scourge again, but he won't listen. Leobreaker attacks Scourge, but is defeated. OP and Leobreaker argue and go their separate ways. The history of Jungle planet is revealed, that Backstop was the teacher with Scourge and Snarl his students. Scourge wanted to defeat the raiders and unite the planet, but Backstop knew it would only bring tyranny. OP sends Scourge a challenge to battle.

21: Primal
OP takes on Scourge. But he can't fight if he never gets there, thanks to Starscream and company. Also, Override and Lori try to teach Scourge about teamwork. Can the Savage Claw defeat Scourge and gain the Jungle Planet Key?

22: Trust
Megatron tries to steal the Jungle Planet Key, but OP sends decoys out for the D's to chase. Can Megatron find the real one, and can anyone stop him in time? On Earth, Professor Suzuki finds something, or someone, frozen in the ice.

23: Trap
Starscream sends Megatron in the wrong direction, while he goes to Earth. Crosswise (called Smokescreen) tries to keep the captive D's from being released. Starscream finds the secret prison, but so do the A's. Can they stop Starscream from releasing his own army of angry D's? Can Starscream catch Megatron in his trap?

24: Invasion
Starscream's forces invade Earth. But what are they after? The A's try to stop them with new allies Smokescreen and Evac. Even though OP told them not to, the kids join with Colonel Franklin, who takes them, their parents and the Recon Team to a secret headquarters. OP gets hurt defending Smokescreen and Evac.

25: Retreat
OP tries to draw the D army away from Earth by retreating to Velocitron, but Evac is followed when he comes back with Earth's Planet Key. Starscream takes on the entire A army for the Planet Key and Omega Lock. Awesome battle, especially for Starscream fans. Colonel Franklin meets the A's.

26: Revelation
Starscream adds the Earth Planet Key to the Omega Lock. Megatron, with the help of Scourge, breaks out of the containment field and goes to Earth in search of Starscream. OP and the A's take the fight to Megatron and the D's. An excellent fight scene occurs. When Megatron receives a Cyber Key Power, will Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattorshot pay the ultimate price?