Transformers Universe:

Allegiance: Decepticon

First Cartoon Appearance: 
none in this form
First Comics Appearance:
(in this color/form):
TF: Wreckers #2

Here is a link to Skywarp's original character page.

"In the distant future, the evil UNICRON wages a final war for ultimate control of the Universe, summoning a vast army of DECEPTICON forces from across time and space. Responding quickly, OPTIMUS PRIMAL gathers his own heroic army of AUTOBOT forces and starts the Universe's biggest war ever.

Fires 2 missiles!

Comic Book included!

- 1984 - G1 original Skywarp
- 1998 - G1 form seen in Beast Wars cartoon, The Agenda, part 3 aboard the Ark
- 1998 - Maximal Eagle Skywarp, member of the Magnaboss combiner team
- 2003 - Armada Skywarp with Thunderclash
- 2004 - Universe Skywarp
- 2005 - San Diego Comicon Exclusive (Legends) Skywarp
- 2006 - Cybertron Skywarp
- 2007 - Robot Heroes Skywarp, Classics Skywarp, Takara (Japan only) release "Masterpiece" Skywarp(?)
- 2008 - Animated Skywarp War Within Skywarp