TF Universe: Autobot Ratchet
Allegiance: Autobot
"All life is precious."

First Cartoon Appearance: 
none in this form
First Comics Appearance:
(in this color/form):

Follow this link to the original Ratchet character page.  This link to X-brawn's which is the original  toy mold.

* Grill detaches to become a weapon in robot mode
* Includes 2 battle weapons!
* Fires 2 missiles in robot mode!
*Missiles attach as weapons in vehicle mode!

AUTOBOT RATCHET tirelessly serves the AUTOBOT cause; putting his versatile and unequaled medical skills to work as both a battlefield medic and doctor. He has devoted his career to the preservation of life in all its forms, and is selfless in protecting humans from the destruction often caused as a result of the AUTOBOT/ DECEPTICON war. AUTOBOT RATCHET puts every fiber of his being into his job; extending his skills to make sure his fellow AUTOBOTS are kept as mentally healthy as possible. As a 4WD Rescue Vehicle, AUTOBOT RATCHET can travel over the roughest terrain and reach speeds up to 140 mph. He is an incredibly skilled and well-versed doctor, often limited more by time and possible lack of materials more than anything else. In battle, hes armed with an arc-welder blaster as well as a battle mace, which also can provide a small-localized force field shielding its user for brief durations. AUTOBOT RATCHET often 

pushes himself to the point of physical exhaustion in performing his duties. He’s armed with an arc-welder blaster as well as a battle mace, which also can provide

Toy pix & text taken from the official Hasbro TF site. We are mirroring this information because they have not always maintained it online long-term after toy is no longer on store shelves.