Affiliation: Autobot  
Sub group: Omnicon  
Primary function: 
Energon excavations

Alternate mode:
4-wheel drive vehicle
Weapon: Energon axe

First cartoon appearance: Energon episode # 1: Cybertron City

First comic appearance:  Energon # 21

"I'm a worker, not a warrior.

"Providing for my companions gives me a profound feeling of accomplishment."

Profile: Strongarm would rather work than fight. He can often be found alongside his Omnicon brothers gathering precious Energon deposits. Although he chooses not to fight whenever possible, his contributions to the Autobot team play a major role during the battle for Energon. He is worker, a miner, and a manufacturer. He is a foreman to the other Omnicons when pertaining to their work. Optimus Prime greatly appreciates Strongarm's abilities and considers him a key member of the Autobots. In the comics the Omnicons are the result of Over-Run "nurturing their potential. Produced from a natural evolutionary step with new abilities.

character bio continued...

The cartoon leaves the Omnicons origins quite ambiguous, although Skyblast and Strongarm, like the Terrorcons have an army of drones which the can can control directly or allow to work atonomously mining and processing Energon.

Abilities: He posesses an affinity with energon which has yet to be clarified. All Omnicons can harness raw energon into energon chips which can be used by Autobots for extra power or turned into special weapons for combat. His energon axe returns to his hand when thrown, like a boomerang.

Weaknesses: Strongarm has a very durable superstructure and can withstand greater artillery strikes than his fellow Omnicons.  He weaknesses all stem from his lack of desire to fight. He will try when provoked but he has spent little time with target practice or practicing various hand-to-hand combat techniques as have many of his fellow Autobots.

SKILL: 7  

Other toy pictures:
in robot mode w/o Energon weapons1b
in robot mode w/o Energon weapons -close-up1d
in vehicle mode w/o Energon weapons2b

Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon episode #7: Megatron Raid - Helps copy and recreate Megatron's sword.
Energon episode #22: Survival Instincts - Kicker and Omnicons release energon in the core of Unicron's brain, satisfying him for the moment.

Energon comic #25 - The Omnicons fight Snow Cat in the snow.
Energon comic #26 - The Omnicons escort Kicker to the beach near an energon well and are attacked by Mirage, Sharkticon and Slugslinger.

Other appearances: No other characters with the name Strongarm have appeared in any Transformers series.

Other Cartoon Pix:
in robot mode


Some information compiled was from Transformers Energon Official Guidebook published by Reader's Digest Children's Books.