Affiliation: Autobot  
Sub group: Omnicon

Primary function: Tactician

Alternate mode:
Cybertronian fighter jet

Weapon: Fighting staff

First cartoon appearance: Energon episode # 1: Cybertron City

First comic appearance:
Energon # 19

"My greatest ally is the sky itself.

Profile: Skyblast is the brash young hot-head of the Omnicon group.  'Shoot first and ask questions later' is the philosophy he carries with in most situations when he's not completely comfortable.  His fellow Omnicons practically have to gang up on him just to keep him from  rushing headlong into the most dangerous of situations.  He could get away with this cavalier attitude on Cybertron because he was in his element.  Besides that, he always had more than sufficient back-up as the Autobots predominantly controlled the parts of Cybertron he patrolled since he first came on-line.  Skyblast, like the other Omnicons, has much adjusting to do to Earthen atmosphere terrain.  Although he is a highly skilled and talented flyer and just as adept in the air on Earth as he was on Cybertron. 

Special note:  Omnicons are the result of Over-Run nurturing their potential (comics). Produced from a natural evolutionary step with new abilities. The cartoon leaves the Omnicons origins quite ambiguous, although Skyblast and Strongarm, like the Terrorcons have an army of drones which the can control directly or allow to work autonomously mining and processing Energon.

Abilities:  Capable of great speed during flight. In jet mode, his aerial maneuvers are considered an art form by his Autobot allies and Decepticon enemies. In robot mode, he possesses a powerful arsenal of piercing Energon weapons that he wields with great confidence and grace.  His favorite weapon is an Energon claw, which he has used to humble some of the toughest Decepticons. It is also used for excavating raw Energon. He possesses an affinity with Energon which has yet to be clarified. All Omnicons can harness raw Energon into Energon chips which can be used by Autobots for extra power or turned into special weapons for combat.

Weaknesses: Although Skyblast is a skilled tactician and warrior, he feels that his time is better spent practicing his famed aerial stunts.



Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon episode #7: Megatron Raid - Helps copy and recreate Megatron's sword.
Energon episode #22: Survival Instincts - Kicker and Omnicons release Energon in the core of Unicron's brain, satisfying him for the moment.

Energon comic #25 - The Omnicons fight Snow Cat in the snow.
Energon comic #26 - The Omnicons escort Kicker to the beach near an Energon well and are attacked by Mirage, Sharkticon and Slugslinger.

Other appearances: There is a MiniCon from the Space Team in Armada and Energon with a similar name. I believe that the MiniCon Sky Blast is a different character than the Omnicon Skyblast. When Skyblast first meets Optimus Prime in Energon comic # 19, he does not know him. The MiniCon Sky Blast would obviously recognize him.

More Pictures:
jet mode, w/ Energon weapons, toy
jet mode, comic pic under heavy fire from Tidal Wave

Some information compiled was from Transformers Energon Official Guidebook published by Reader's Digest Children's Books.