Affiliation: Autobot  
Sub group: Omnicon  

Primary function: Energon welder
Alternate mode: Radar truck

Weapon: Energon saw combined from radar and shield

First cartoon appearance: Energon episode # 5: New Cybertron City

First comic appearance:  Energon # 19

"My imagination is the key to winning.

More Pix:
robot mode w/ Energon weapons

Profile: Among the best combatant's of the Omnicons, Signal Flare is more level headed than Skyblast, but shows an eagerness to put his Energon weaponry to use. He is one of the greatest Energon welders of his kind. His Omnicon brothers depend greatly on his skills and experience. He is the twin brother of Offshoot. Unlike Offshoot, he is a silent warrior that prefers mastering the artistry of his Energon weapons to battle. The Omnicons are the result of Over-Run nurturing their potential (comics). Produced from a natural evolutionary step with new abilities. Evolved from Minicons? Autobots? Other Transformers? The cartoon is unclear as to Signal Flare's origin and he doesn't seem to have quite as many Signal Flare drones as Skyblast and Strongarm...

Abilities:  In vehicle mode, he projects a powerful Energon beam from his radar dish that can take the shape of massive tools for mining Energon or crafted into massive weapons for combat. He also possesses an affinity with Energon which has yet to be clarified. All Omnicons can harness raw Energon into Energon chips which can be used by Autobots for extra power or turned into special weapons for combat.

Weaknesses: Signal Flare isn't very fast in vehicle mode but his firepower and knack for Energon handling make up for this.


Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon episode #7: Megatron Raid - Helps copy and recreate Megatron's sword.
Energon episode #22: Survival Instincts - Kicker and Omnicons release Energon in the core of Unicron's brain, satisfying him for the moment.

Energon comic #25 - The Omnicons fight Snow Cat in the snow.
Energon comic #26 - Uses Energon beam as a force field so Kicker can go deep underwater. Omnicons are attacked by Mirage, Sharkticon and Slugslinger.

Other appearances: No other characters with the name Signal Flare have appeared in any Transformers series.  

Some information compiled was from Transformers Energon Official Guidebook published by Reader's Digest Children's Books.