Affiliation: None, has allied himself with the Mini-Cons.

Alternate mode: Motorcycle  

First cartoon appearance: none

First comic appearance: 

Other Appearances: (part 1)
Not only has he not made any character appearances in other storylines of the Transformers, he made no appearances in the Energon series!  So, thanks to Byrerprime, we have character text profile from the "wishful thinking files"...

Profile: Rapid Run was created when Unicron attempted to make a clone of Sideways. Unicron wanted a spy he could send to Autobot energon mines to collect information for Terrorcon attacks and that he could send to keep track of the Decepticons. Cloning an already fragile and fractured psyche in Sideways, the resulting Transformer is completely unsure of his true nature. He despises living so badly that the only thing he is sure of is that he wants to destroy Unicron. The unknown variable in Unicron's plan was cloning the two Mini-Cons. Cloned Mini-Cons resist the effects of the process, retaining their strong wills and intelligence. Rapid Run often takes the advice of the two Mini-Cons to which he is bonded. He has severed his ties with Unicron and has even helped rebuild Mini-Con settlements destroyed by Megatron over a million years ago. He is able to avert any Decepticon hostilities towards the Mini-Con settlements by using his Decepticon "alter ego". Over Run is trying to fix his mental problems, but claims the only way for him to grow is through experience. The only question is whether he is truly free of Unicron's influence.

Abilities: He can change his appearance from Autobot to Decepticon. His motorcycle mode is capable of great speeds.

Weaknesses: Rapid Run's psyche is so badly damaged that he can barely perform basic motor functions. His one-track mind is so obsessed with destroying Unicron that he needs to rely on his two Mini-Con partners to think for him.


Affiliation: Mini-Cons

Profile: Nightcruz was cloned from Crosswise and Nightscream was cloned from Rook by Unicron when he tried to clone Sideways. Unknown to Unicron, Mini-Cons resist the cloning process that normally leaves clones unable to think much on their own. These two Mini-Cons feel unwanted by the others because of their origin. They try to fit in with the other Mini-Cons by helping rebuild settlements and defending them from Decepticon attack using Rapid Run as interference. The other Mini-Cons, however, like having them around because they help so much. Nightcruz and Nightscream feel bad for Rapid Run and would do anything to restore his higher processing functions. They contact Over Run almost every cycle to see if he has made any progress finding a cure for Rapid Run's psyche.

Abilities: They each can become the head for Rapid Run. They can also combine to form a larger Transformer.

Weaknesses: When Nightcruz or Nightscream is separated from the other or Rapid Run, they are particularly vulnerable. Having to do most of the thinking for Rapid Run wears them down quickly.

Other appearances: There was another character named Rapid Run, a train from 2001 Robots in Disguise. There was another character named Nightcruz, a Spystreak repaint from 2002 Robots in Disguise. There was another character named Nightscream, a bat from Beast Machines. These are obviously different characters with the same names.