Affiliation: Decepticon 
Sub group: Terrorcon  
Primary function:
Energon hunter
Alternate mode: Velociraptor  
Weapon: Energon sword, gun

First cartoon appearance: Energon episode # 17: The Return of Demolishor

First comic appearance:  Energon # 19

"By the time you see me,
it will be too late.

Profile: Unleashed by Unicron, Cruellock is the most powerful and cunning of the Terrorcons, combining incredible strength with lightning speed. He is a great tactician whose battlefield prowess is unmatched.  Cruellock joined forces with Scorponok and the other Terrorcons if for no other reason than it gave him the opportunity to wreck havoc with a group that didn't "spoil his fun" the way the ruling Autobots of that time would.  Cruellock took his namesake and alternate mode from the legendary Autobot warrior Grimlock.  Although he despises the noble ideal that he fought for, Cruellock respected the power and authority that the Autobot warrior represents. 

Cruellock has a viciousness to him and mean streak that carries over to his interaction with foes and friends alike.  He'll just sit by and not aid a comrade in battle just to get a laugh when they get scrapped.  He doesn't make many friends this way, but Scorponok keeps him around because when he is stirred to battle, he will take that same joy striking fear into the fuel pumps of his enemies as he and his dino-drones brutally and methodically pick apart his foes...

The drones controlled by Cruellock have similiar Energon tracking, processing and storage capacities.  However, Cruellock's drones are fewer in number and generally serve the purpose of being a battlefield back up to the less military tested Terrorcon comrades.  Striking fear into those who stand in the way of Energon stores, will 'clear a path' for Battle Ravage, Divebomb and Insecticon. 

Abilities: In velociraptor mode, he can jump to great heights and attack his enemies with powerful energon claws and teeth, making him almost impossible to stop during combat. In robot mode, his energon-cutting blade can slice through anything, or anybody that stands in his way. It has been said by many that Cruellock's gaze is as deadly as his bite. Beware!

Weaknesses: Cruellock's antics and willingness to let harm come to the aid of his allies creates bitter feelings.  The day when he finds himself in trouble and needs help himself, he may be hardpressed to get that assistance.


Bibliography of significant appearances:

Energon # 26, 27, 28, 29 - Velociraptor-type clones attack Tokyo

Other appearances: No other characters with the name Cruellock have appeared in any Transformers series. It is unclear what relationship exists between him and Doom Lock.

Some information compiled was from published by Reader's Digest Children's Books.

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