What a treat!  This year, we didn't have to wait until September!  New toys and new cartoons were seen right out of the shoot in January.  While this series has it's pluses and minuses, it's certainly a lot better than most of the other cartoonseries we've seen in recent years.  To follow is an episode guide followed by information on the comics series by Dreamwave.  As you might imagine, this section, like the toy pages to the right,  is a work in progress. Enjoy!

Plot grade: terrible, bad, okay, good, great
A = Autobot(s)             D = Decepticon(s)
Omn = Omnicon(s)       Tr = Terrorcon(s)
En=Energon                  AQ = Alpha-Q
OP = Optimus Prime     Meg = Megatron
Kr = Kicker                    SS = Starscream
IrH = Ironhide               Snk = Scorponok 

episode 1: Cybertron City
Introduction of many characters, in new forms.  First appearance of Alpha-Q a Quintesson who has taken form inside a deactivated Sharkticon.  Inside the heavily damaged Unicron (see conclusion of TF: Armada, The Unicron Battles) he awakens the Terrorcons Divebomb, Battle Ravage who leave searching the galaxy for Energon.  Also introduced to the human, Kicker the son of Dr. Jones who now works on Cybertron w/ Rad researching Energon.  En OP & the other new A's, Hotshot, Inferno, Jetfire, Ironhide make short work of this Tr raiding party.  PLOT: okay
2: Energon Stars  Alexis, now a dignatary of humans and Transformers
3: Scorpinok
4: Megatron’s Sword

Alpha-Q sends Scorponok, Tidal Wave and the Terrorcons to take the newly discovered Energon on Mars City.  First appearance of the Energon Saber mini-cons.  With only a few Mini-cons left to defend the base, the Terrorcons succeed and return to Unicron with their bounty.  As reward, Alpha-Q gives Scorponok Megatron’s Sword.  They then head to Earth to get to another stash of Energon.  Tidalwave convinces Cyclonus to fight on the side of the Terrorcons, in an effort to resurrect Megatron.  Omnibots Strongarm and Skyblast provide Energon stars to provide strength in battle.  Excellent Scorponok vs. OP and powerlinx Ironhide battle.
5: The new Cybertron City  Kicker dreams of an “energon point” at a mountainous region of Earth.  Kicker and Grindor go looking, get caught in a snowstorm.  “Prime Force” is rebuilt after being destroyed (in battle w/ Scorponok episode 4).  Hotshot, Demolisher, Ironhide and Strongarm go looking for him.  Dr. Jones uses space bridge to ‘teleport a new Cybertron City to this location.  First appearance of Omnicon Signal Flare.)
6: Megatron Resurrected
7: Megatron Raid
8. Starscream the Mysterious Mercenary
Kicker is cycling around the Autobot's base, "blowing off steam".  His special ESP abilities sense the presence of a mysterious adversary.  We learn a little more about the origin of Energon SS.  Sent by Alpha-Q he's on a mission to seek out and destroy Optimus Prime. SS creates a space bridge and suckers Prime into it so he can fight one on one on the moon, near lunar city.  Nice OP v. Starscream fight sceen. PLOT: bad (dialog: terrible)
9.) Battle of the Asteroid Belt Carlos radios from Asteroid city sensing the presence of a vessel that does not respond.  OP deduces it must be SS & there must be an enemy base there. Meg & the Ds attack Lunar City, while A's are setting up their "line of defenses."  With the help of Kicker, they detect the mobile base of Alpha-Q which is defended by qaqq scene. After retriving Lunar City's En, Meg joins the fight. OP reports to Primus that they "have destroyed the fortress that once was home to Unicron."  Dr. Jones and other humans return from Cybertron to Ocean city.  PLOT: bad
10.) Energon Tower Dr. Jones ideas to constuct Energon towers at Ocean, Jungle and Desert Cities are implemented..  Has strange jolly dialog btn Dr. J & Alexis.  D's raid Mars city and gain vast supplies of energon and create a new moble fortress as well as a new En sword (w/ tank) for Meg.  A-Q's Terricons immerge from the Head of Unicron to raid the D's supply of En, Unicron is starting to look more rebuilt than in previous eps.  Very nice A vs. D/T's  battle. 1st appearance of Powerlink Inferno.   PLOT: okay 
11.) Legend of Rodimus  Construction of the second Energon Tower nears completion as Kicker and Ironhide search for additional En deposits in the mines below.  They have a very interesting dialog about another famos A leader, Rodimus Prime.  Starscream infiltrates the Decepticon base and attempts an assassination attempt of Megatron.  Megs confronts SS in 'the void' converting him to the D cause.  First cameo appearance of Rodimus. Plot: C+
12.) Crisis in Jungle City Opens w/ long Kr & Misha dialog.  (1st appearance of) Command Ravage drones under the command of AQ attack Jungle City. As attempt to slow their attack. OP evacuates humans. Also clears Omnicons from En mines.  Misha pleas w/ him to protect ancient Mayan temples, a piece of human history.  Meg, Tidal Wave & Ds attack in a second wave. OP & As full retreat.  OP rather than allow Ds and AQ to gain too much En, detonates it destroying tower, their base & ancient temples. Very out of character portrayal of O.P.  Plot: F
13. Kicker Beware   Sensing 'something' Kicker leads As to Lunar City which had been destroyed by D attack in earlier ep.  Unintelligent portrayal of Meg, dialogs w/ Cyclonus, Demolisher.  Ds follow As in hope to capture Kicker & use his En sensing abilities.  Meanwhile, Scorponok posing a a loyal follower of Meg is really allied w/ AQ.  We get another brief scene w/ Rodimus... who unseen saves Kicker as Demolisher attemts to grab him.  Cyclonus takes heavy fire from    plot: D-
14.  Energon Grid  Megatron sends 3 mobile fortresses to Earth attempting to destroy it & collect resulting En.  A's plot to create En grid, w/ network  En towers.  They're ready, except tower at Desert City is malfunctioning. Contains lots of bizarre dialog about human's sparks... Recolored Divebomb "Blackout" is keeping last tower malfunctioning.  A vs D battle on the edge of Earth's atmosphere  Rodimus group joins the battle, destroy 1 of the comets.  En grid take out the other 2.  Still Rodimus group doesn't reveal itself to As.  Ds retreat when en grid online. Meg voice not David Kaye...  Plot: F+

21. Laserwave: Rampage  Kr & IrH ally w/ Rodimus, Snk & AQ.  Their plan is to bring Unicron's head back to Cybertron & OP.  Shockblast breaks into the Energon Core of Cybertron (Primus' Chamber).  An unknown pair of As attempt to thwart Shockblast's escape attempt.  Wingdagger survives but his close friend "Padlock" does not.  Although there is a cameo SB appearance in ep 20, this is the 1st ep to feature this new D.  SB takes out an En Tower and portion of Cybertron's En Grid. He reunites w/ Meg & other Ds. Plot is good besides a unexpected, unnecessary & absolutely stupid fight dialog between OP & Rodimus where Kr actually speaks more intelligently! Interesting dialog btn Meg & Tidal Wave re: SB at the end.   plot: good-
22. Survival Instincts  Large # of D's escape Cybertron to rejoin Meg w/in Unicron.  By now, Unicron has just enough En to begin coming out of his dormant state but hungers for more. Meg's seeming control loosens & Unicron begins attacking Ds.  A's have a similar problem w/in Unicron's head. OP returns to Cybertron to seek council of Primus. Rodimus, Pr, LM & Omnicons fight their way back into Unicron's head.  Primus provides a brief (& bizarre) background on the Omnicons as having descended from A & D that traveled w/ Rodimus when he left Cybertron after the great war.  First Appearance of Arcee who leads the Omnicons to Unicron's core and instructs to power up w/ En stars. This seems to satisfy Unicron for now. plot: okay+
23. Each one Fights Meg plots to feed Cybertron to Unicron. Puts Shockblast in charge of 1st wave attack by Ds to weaken Cybertron's defenses.  Misha navigates her way into AQs chamber for a talk. 1st appearance of Insecticon. Contains oddly out of place flashback sequence to her childhood which apparently makes progress getting him to trust them.  Meanwhile, Shockblast succeeds in taking out 2 more En towers.  The Ds retreat as TidalWave is mortally injured, so also is the little know A Wingdagger. plot: okay+ 
24. Unicron Unleashed TidalWave has been reformatted to Mirage (1st cartoon appearance) and leads a second wave attack, this turns out to be a diversion to a 3rd wave attack of Terrorcons led by Shockblast to steal En from Primus Chamber.  OP has all power diverted to create an En field forcing Ds to retreat but not before taking vast qty of En weakening Cybertron/Primus.  Meg uses En to fully restore Unicron's body.  Planet mode 1st appearance of black En color scheme.  OP & Rodimus lead an attack on Unicron. HotShot & Rod powerlink. Unicron transforms, to bot mode w/o head. Meg directs him to attack Cybertron. AQ aboard Unicron's head blasts his way to the body in retaliation.  This breaks thru Unicron's armor & clears a path for OP & As to break in and take out Meg.  good
25. Open Fire! A & D battle on Unicron. Scorponok  fighting on behalf of AQ takes a separate path to Megs chamber...

Comics Synopsis and images to come...