Transformers Universe:

Allegiance: Autobot


First Cartoon Appearance: 
none in this form

First Comics Appearance:
(in this color/form):

LINK to the original toy

* SNARL changes from a lion into a robot. 

* In beast mode, he has a front claw attack and chomping jaws. 

* In robot mode, he has a punching arm attack and his tail detaches to become a hand-held weapon.

Toy pix & text taken from the official Hasbro TF site. We are mirroring this information because they have not always maintained it online long-term after toy is no longer on store shelves.

Additionally, many of the characters from TF Universe have appeared in the comic series originally produced by 3H which ceased to exist after issue #3.  Comic pictures may be coming at some point especially if the series is picked up and continues by Fun Publications, the new licensee of official Transformers Club/Conventions...  More to come...