Wa-HOOOOO!  Well, the day has finally arrived!  And not an astro-second too soon!!!!!

We are ready to unveil our second Unicron.com Accessory Pack!!!  While maybe not quite as ambitious as our first pack in terms of number and variety of parts, we think it is going to be more universally loved by Transformers Fans! (at least, we certainly hope so!)

Here's the scoop.  We think the Armada UNICRON figure is AMAZING, absolutely fantastic..  Although there is one aspect of its design that we could help with right away..  That is, when Unicron is in planet mode, unless you are actually holding it in your hand, the planet has to be facing pinchers-side-up, flat on a table.  Being the avid collectors that we are, we thought geez when "making a set-up," wouldn't it be cool if the planet could be floating in mid-air, up-right the way it is meant to be!!!!  SO, we came up with this:

As you can see the stand is made of the same, optical grade, highly durable "poly-carbonate" that our first figure stands were made of.  The base is a whopping 9" in diameter!  HERE is another picture of the stand from a slightly different angle.

As you can see from this picture, the stand will come with two length "poles" that connect the base of the stand to the "toy's platform piece" (shaped kind of like an "H")  The first picture at the top of the page shows the 'short' pole length which is made of the same crystal clear poly-carbonate. In the pictures immediately above and below the stand is shown with the long length pole.  Because of just how heavy the Unicron toy is, and the (ever-so) slightly flexible nature of poly-carbonate, we had to make the longer pole/connector piece out of a much more rigid  material, which happens to be opaque and dark black, in color.  (Sorry, this was the only solution besides selling the stand w/ just one length pole.)

Here are two additional pictures of Unicron in our stand PICTURE 4 and PICTURE 5.

Of course, the stand works great for many figures besides Armada Unicron.  For collectors like me, that like to "pose" the jets flying through the air in your Transformers set-ups, we will ALSO offer the the long length pole-connector in clear poly carbonate (works great for jets like Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp...) 

When purchasing, each stand will include 1 clear short length pole/connector, and 2 long pole/connectors; 1 of the opaque black piece used for Unicron, and 1 of the longer piece in clear poly-carbonate.

Now, the next question on everybody's mind, how much???

At the convention, the stand will be $15.00 (which includes Illinois state sales tax).
(Probably ~$20 sold over the web to cover shipping.)
(and we may offer an additional discount if a collector wishes to purchase several stands)

We will also be selling off our remaining 1st Unicron.com Accessory Packs (designed to compliment several of the Beast Machines toys) for the convention special price of $20 each.

AND we have a HUGE collection of Mint in sealed box/card Beast Wars/Machines... figures for sale.  Whew!  We hope to be busy.  But hey, even if you don't intend to buy anything, be sure to stop in and say, "hi."  Especially if you are a frequent visitor to our site.

The picture above shows Unicron on the stand with the shorter, clear 'pole.'  And below you can see Lukis bro. #3, Jason; making some last minute (and I mean, LAST MINUTE!) preparations for the convention!

So get your butts out to OTFCC and be sure to stop by and say, "Hello"  We can't wait to see you there!

Best Regards,
Lukis Brothers!