Allegiance: Decepticon
"Must Destroy!"

Function: Warrior, Ocean/Space Transport

another toy pic aircraft carrier w/o Ramjet

First Cartoon Appearance: 

First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave, TF:Armada #18, very little in the Armada series

below, one of the only cartoon or comic pix of Tidal Wave in the U.S. color scheme...  In the cartoon he's seen in the Japanese toy's darker purple and gray colors... This pic from Dreamwave's MTMTE.

Bio: [From the Troop Assessments of Megatron, Decepticon Leader]

Brutal, destructive, and utterly relentless, Tidal Wave is a Decepticon after my own spark. Although he's a powerful warrior who truly is a force to be reckoned with, his limited intelligence and lack of battlefield ingenuity severely limit his staggering potential. Still, his destructive capabilities are quite impressive; if there is anything left standing in the wake of one of his attacks, then it was simply a matter of him not seeing it.  Taking full advantage of this, I have modified him to enter a modified Powerlink with myself that grants me access to ail of his devastating abilities.  Unfortunately, Tidal Wave's slow-witted cerebro-circuitry and uncontrollable impulses often interfere with the process, resulting in a severe strain on my own internal systems and minimal operating performance in this form.

Weapons and Abilities:  Raw power. Physically, Tidal Wave is the most impressive of my ranks. Besides his tremendous physical strength, this simple-minded behemoth's dense hide and reinforced superstructure allow him to shrug off attacks that would leave a normal Transformer on the verge of terminal stasis lock. His powerful, weaponry-laden alternate modes have earned him the nickname "Dark Fleet" throughout the galaxy, and it's well deserved. He has the capacity to transport troops, lay siege to whole cities, or destroy entire battalions.

Weaknesses:  Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, Tidal Wave's cranial chamber is as dense as that hide of his. However, that minor flaw is easily overcome--it's simply a matter of maintaining control of that simple little mind of his. The true problem lies within his strange loyalty to that miserable parasite~. Without him,Tidal . Wave is more apt to run wild, effectively becoming -.. more of a liability than an advantage.

Other Appearances:  One of the few characters in the Transformers Armada that does not share a name with any other G1 character.  One thing I really like about Tidal Wave is that there appears to be little-to-no debate, this is the first time we've seen this character in TF Universe.  Right here in Transformers Armads.  He is one of the few characters to immediately carry over into the following series, TF: Energon in 2004, w/ same body form, new color scheme and Energon accents.

Tidal Wave in weapons mode, combined with Armada Megatron, cartoon pix:

aircraft carrier, weapon mode
battleship, weapon mode
submarine, weapon/winged jetpack mode

Toy pic, robot upper torso close-up at angle
Toy pic, full body shot, smaller photo
toy pic, starship mode, straight on


Allegiance: Mini-con

First Cartoon Appearance: none, right? I can't recall any
First Comics Appearance: none, right? I can't recall any

"Tell that to my friend!"

Bio:  An opportunistic coward who hides behind the might of the unstoppable juggernaut known as Tidal Wave. Ramjet has made a career out of literally being a "hanger-on" who's constantly in the right place at the right time and. more importantly, with the right 'bot. One never expects Ramjet to openly charge into battle, but it's a safe bet that he's the first to whisper the notion of destruction into the open audio receptors of his nearly invincible comrade--so long as he's a safe distance away. Rumor has it that the Mini-Con was somehow responsible for resuscitating Tidal Wave after a failed covert operation at an Energon refinery during the initial Decepticon insurrection. Supposedly, the situation left Tidal Wave in critical condition, until a forced Powerlink with Ramjet recharged his entire system, allowing him to survive.  However, several Decepticon scientists theorize that Ramjet's "enhancements" to Tidal Wave are minimal at best, and are more a result of Ramjet's suggestive capabilities on Tidal Wave's impressionable intellect.

Weapons and Abilities: In his alternate form Ramjet is capable of tremendous speed, easily exceeding Mach 3; however, it's his influential kinship with his Decepticon partner Tidal Wave that is often viewed as his greatest asset.

Weaknesses:  In exchange for his light and aerodynamic form, Subject possesses minimal armor plating.  The resulting trade-off in shielding makes him faster and more maneuverable when airborne, but ultimately more susceptible to anti-aircraft ordinance and projectile-based attacks.

Other Appearances: The first character in the TF Universe was in 1985.  That Ramjet was one of the 'second series' jets along w/ Thrust and Dirge.  As this Armada Ramjet appears to be a small, afraid to fight type, as well as a Mini-con, I think it's safe to say these are different individuals with the same name.

The "Bio, Weapons and Abilities, Weaknesses"... text below  is taken from the awesome Dreamwave comic, TF: Armada, More Than Meets the Eye. W/ its other great original character art, we recommend you buy yourself a copy today!

In addition this picture to the left is one of the few character renderings that shows him in his North American color schemes.  Very cool indeed.

Here's another pic from MTMTE of Tidal Wave combined w/ Megatron in weapon mode.