Allegiance: Autobot

Function: __

1st Cartoon Appearance: The final episode, a brief cameo in TF Armada #52

First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave, TF:Armada #16 (before the other Transmetal recolors appeared in the comics)

"Hard work never killed anybody."

Bio: [from the troop assesment files of Autobot Commander Jetfire]  Reliable and hard working, Rhinox is-scratch that.. .Rhinox was a key part of my command unit on Cybertron. He was an outspoken, take-charge warrior who exhibited many natural leadership qualities on the battlefield: courage, ingenuity, and old-fashioned spirit. Not only that, he was also an honest guy to hang out with on those rare occasions when we got a break from kicking Decepti-cans. Unfortunately, his tendency to use an overbearing, heavyhanded tone in battle often alienated the Autobots he worked with, limiting his advancement potential. Still, I value... valued his immense contributions to the Autobot cause. He will be missed.

Weapons and Abilities:  Stocky and tough, Rhinox was definitely not someone a Decepticon wanted to go toe-to-toe with. In rhino mode, his charges were practically unstoppabie, and his scythelike horn got its fair share of action in his day.  When needed, he could transform his hind legs into treads for even more traction and power. He was a smart warrior with good tactical skills but not much of a bedside manner with the troops.

Weaknesses:  There wasn't much that could get through his thick hide physically, but it definitely hurt Rhinox to see his leadership tactics bothering the others, especially Armorhide...

Other Appearances:  The original version of Rhinox, the one familiar to most Transformers fans debuted in 1995.  Followed by Transmetal Rhinox, of which this is a re-color/ re-tooled version


Allegiance: Mini-con

First Cartoon Appearance: none
First Comics Appearance: none

"A thick skin doesn't always mean a thick head."

Bio:  [From the Personal Files of Rhinox, Autobot (Located Posthumously)]  Armorhide's a burly, tough, iron-hard brawler.  At least, that's what most people think when they take a look at my Mini-Con partner. He's a lot stronger than most Mini-Cons, and he's even been known to go up against a full-size Decepticon or two on occasion. This gained him something of a reputation, which might be the worst thing that ever happened to him.  You see, not only is Armorhide strong, he's also smarter than a couple'a Autobots put together. Now he's unable to shed his rep as a tough-bot, and everyone treats him like just another lumbering gear-head. I know how much this bugs him, and I tried to convince him that we know there's more to him than that. But on the battlefield, when I'm barking orders for him to do this or that, he just feels like I'm doing it because I don't believe he can think for himself.  That couldn't be further from the truth... it's just the way I get on the field, and I wish I could make him understand that.

Weapons and Abilities: There's been a lot of to-do about how strong Armorhide is and how nearly impenetrable his armor is, but even more important is his intelligence. He's studied enough galactic literature, science, and military theory to make most scholars look like rank amateurs.

Weaknesses:  Armorhide is extremely sensitive to being treated like he's dumb; if he gets even the hint that he's being condescended to, he'll become sullen and difficult to work with.

Other Appearances: There was another character named Armorhide in R.I.D. but this I consider this a different individual with the same name.

more pix of Rhinox in the comics:

robot mode as herold of Unicron 1b
robot mode as herold of Unicron 1
robot mode as herold of Unicron 1

beast mode just prior to abduction by Unicron

Below, the only appearance in the cartoon series, a very brief cameo getting ready to go to war against Unicron; actually quite similiar to the comics!

Rhinox toy in robot mode, showing re-tolled chest plate w/ Autobot symbol

robot mode, back view

toy in rhino mode showing retolling, w/ mini-con powerlinx posts

toy in ~vehicle~ mode 1

~vehicle mode, close-up