The year is certainly packed with potential!  In it we fans got to follow the Autobot-Decepticon conflict in the ongoing comic series and the second half of Transformers Armada Cartoon series.  In September, we will do our best to create an episode guide to the second season of the cartoon series which like the toys will have the (most excellent) sub-title, "The Unicron Battles!

The second half episodes for Transformers Amada are when the show started to get more interesting (and much better).  Here they areTransformers Armada episode summary, part 2

27. Detection: original air date 3/1/03  Suspicions about Sideways and his true allegiance provoke discussion among the Autobots and and battle among the Decepticons.

28. Awakening original air date: 3/8/03  As the Autobots fend off a relentless attack from Tidal Wave, back at the Autobot base Red Alert and Alexis have discovered three new mini-cons whos combination could create a devastating weapon.

29. Desparate original air date: 3/15/03  While the Autobots and Decepticons continue to battle the kids try to convince Skyblast to help the Autobots and be a hero.

30. Runaway original air date: 3/22/03 The battle now begins to focus on the possession of the Requiem Blaster

31. The Past, part 1  original air date:  3/29/03  Wheeljack returns to seek vengance aginst Hotshot for abandoning him in battle.  With Sideswipe caught in the crossfire, can Hot Shot escape this deadly blast from the past?

32. The Past, part 2 original air date:  4/5/07  Wounded by Wheeljack, Hot Shot must confront not only his former ally, but his own dark side as well.

33. Sacrifice original air date: 4/12/03  Megatron's pursuit of the Requiem Blaster proves fatal for Smokescreen. 

34. Regeneration original air date: 4/19/03 While Red Alert attempts to repair Smokescreen, the mounting tensions and ensuing fight between the Decepticons and Starscream convince the robot to switch sides.

35. Rescue  original air date:  4/26/03  The Autobots and Decepticons throw off the gloves and engage in an all out bawl.  Perceptor attempts to rescue the Mini-Cons held captive at Megatron's base.

36. Mars original air date: 5/3/03  The Mini-Cons alert the Autobots that a new Mini-Con has been found on the planet Mars.  Meanwhile, thrust and Megatron discuss a plan to eliminate Starscream.

37. Crack original air date: 5/10/03  The alliance with the autobots proves short-lived, as Starscream joins with Thrust to defeat Megatron

38. Threaten original air date: 10/3/03  the Earth becomes a target for Megatron, who has gained control of the Skyboom Shield, Star Saber and Requiem Blaster, which combined is called the Hydra Cannon.  

39. Crisis original air date: 10/10/03 In a heroic effort to block the blast from the Hydra Cannon and save Earth Optimus Prime sacrifices himself.  

40. Remorse original air date: 10/17/03 The Autobots struggle to make sense of a world without their leader.  And when the in-fighting begins, Megatron's victory seems imminent. 

41. Depart original air date: 10/24/03  The Autobots prepare to return to Cybertron, joined-having acquiesced to the demands of Perceptor and the other Mini-Cons-by the kids.

42.  Miracle original air date: 10/31/03  Departing Earth, the autobots prepare for battle with the Decepticons.  The Mini-Cons broadcast a signal that attracts hundreds of glowing space Mini-Cons, and the convergence of thei energy on the matrix takes for -as Optimus Prime!

43.  Puppet original air date: 11/7/2003 Having pursued Hotshot and Red Alert to an unknown planet, Megatron and his minions find themselves under attack by a ruthless new adversary, Nemesis Prime, who is bent on destroying both Autobots and decepticons.

44. Uprising original air date: 11/14/03 The Street Action team warns Optimus of Unicron's impending devastation so Optimus tries to convince Galvatron to join him in defeating Unicron.

45.  Dash original air date: 11/21/03  Hot Shot attempts to convince Galvatron to join forces with the autobots, until they discover the true intentions of Galvatron's most trusted soldiers...

46. Drift original air date: 11/28/03  In a series of incredible flashes through time, the kids learn the true origin of the Mini-Cons.

47.  Portent: original air date: 12/5/03 The kids go underground on cybertron with Hot Shot, Wheeljack, and the Mini-Cons to pursue Thrust, while the Autobots focus on Unicron by pulling troops from the battle with decepticons.

48.  Cramp original air date: 12/08/03  As Unicron continues to emerge from the cracks in the moon, starscream makes a valiant sacrifice in an effort to convince Galvatron that an alliance with the Autobots is the only way to defeat the evil Unicron

49. Alliance original air date: 12/9/03 the autobots, Decepticons and Mini-Cons form an unlikely triumvirate to stop the dreaded Unicron.

50.  Union original air date: 12/10/03 As attacks all around him intensify, Thrust has second thoughts about pledging his allegiance to Unicron.  Optimus Prime and Galvatron devise a plan to destroy Unicron from the inside.

51.  Origin original air date: 12/11/03  The Mini-Cons resist the truth of their essential nature, ultimately creating a powerful music whose harmonics disables the tyrant and frees all captives

52. Mortal Combat original air date: 12/12/03 Unicron is (I can hardly say it!) defeated, but is revived by the hatred between galvatron and Prime who battle each other.  Hot Shot must now make an impossible choice.... 

Another area we'll be working on is an plot synopsis for the various comic series released in 2003.  Some of the highlights include G1 volume 2, Armada (continued), Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (MTMTE), and a TF/GI Joe cross over series.