Allegiance: Autobot

First toy appearance: 
late summer 2001

First Cartoon Appearance:
TF:RID episode 1 September 8th, 01

Side Burn got a new Spark engine and was amazed at the results.  His speed and acceleration power jumped up to infinate levels, and he now is able to warp short distances on the highway.  He loves to go fast just to enjoy the blur of the world shooting past him, but he knows his speed is important in the fight against the Predacons.

Another Pic: robot mode, toy
Another Pic: car mode

Other Appearances: Side burn has not made any other appearances throughout the rest of the Transformers Universe besides those of Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

What would these characters have looked like in Beast Wars/Machines CGI?  This art from the japanese cards gives us a glimpse!  Ah, how sweet that would'a been!