For awhile, there were rumors floating around the internet that there would be all new CGI animated shows for TF:RID!  What a bummer that turned out to be false!  The shows listed below are not exactly fan favorites, being little more than translated show from Japan with decent animation and plots that're a little too corny for most collectors.  

Eventually, like other episode guides on we'll include a 'grade' system of each plot w/ the usual scale.  We also need to extend thanks to the following sites used as reference in compiling this list: , bwtf & 

1.Battle Protocol
2. Explosive Situation
3. Bullet Train Rescue
4. Spychangers to the Rescue

4. Spychangers to the Rescue
5. Hunt for Black Pyramid
6. Secret of the Ruins
7. Sideburn's Obsession
8. Secret Weapon: D5
9. Mirage's Betrayal
10. Skid-Z's Choice

11. Tow-Line goes Haywire
12. The Ultimate Robot Warrior
13. Hope for the Future -review ep

14. The Decepticons
15. Commandos
16. The Volcano
17. Attack from Outer Space
18. The Test
19. The Fish Test
20. Wedge's Short Fuse

21. Landfill, the Four Robot Fusion
22. Skybyte does the Right thing?
23. A Test of Metal

24. Ultra Magnus
25. Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion

26. Lessons from the Past, review episode 2
27. The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus
28. Power to Burn!
29. Fortress Maximus
30. Koji Gets his wish

31. A Friendly Contest
32. Peril from the Past
34. The Human Element

35. -recap episode 3
36. Mistaken Identity