Affiliation: Dinobots, formerly Predacons.
Function: Warrior, formerly Predacon general
Alternate mode:




Weapon: Sword
Beast Wars Neo Name:

First comic appearance: 
None, in North America, First cartoon appearance as Predacon general/commander, Beast Wars Neo, Japan only

First comic appearance: 
Beast Wars: The Gathering #1

"Till all are won."

Profile: Magmatron was a Predacon general before hostilities ceased on Cybertron. He became involved in the Maximal Imperium as a front, while secretly amassing a group of followers. His unique three form alternate mode included a battle tank, a VTOL jet and an underwater exploration vessel. He led a team of Predacons to prehistoric Earth, during the time known as the Beast Wars, to convert the Maximal protoforms found in scattered stasis pods into Predacon warriors. Magmatron is determined to take over Cybertron, and has used his high positions to play the Maximal Imperium and the Tri-Predacus Council against each other. It is this determination that drives him, he will accept nothing less than total victory. At some point, Magmatron returned to Cybertron to find an overwhelming number of Vehicon drones under the control of the maniacal Megatron, who had taken over the planet. Magmatron allied himself with the Dinobots to fight a resistance against Megatron. Now this "emperor of destruction" as he was known fights for the side of good. However, his intentions after they dispense with the rule of Megatron is unclear. Has Magmatron turned from his evil ways, or simply biding his time for the right opportunity?

Abilities: Mitotic spark allows Magmatron to separate into three aggressive modes known as Landsaur, Seasaur, and Skysaur. His personality draws loyal followers.

Weaknesses: Magmatron's extreme determination can blind him to outside circumstances, or untrustworthy individuals.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 10
Endurance: 10
Rank: 9.5
Courage: 10
Firepower: 9
Skill: 10

Bibliography of significant appearances:

*Beast Wars: The Gathering #1: Leads team to prehistoric Earth.
*Beast Wars: The Gathering #3: Rebuilds Ravage (TM2 Tripredacus Agent) and apprehends (Transmetal) Megatron.
*Beast Wars: The Gathering #4: Fight with Grimlock.
*TF Universe: The Wreckers #2: With Dinobots, fights Dweller on a desolate world.

Other appearances: There are no other characters with the name Magmatron.

More comics still shots:
robot mode 1c
robot mode 1d
robot mode 1e
robot mode 1f
robot mode 1g
robot mode 1h
beast mode 2c
beast mode 2d
beast mode 2e
beast mode 2h
beast mode 2i

Allegiance: Maximal
Sub-group: Dinobots
First Store Appearance: late 2000

This version of Magmatron, in packaging shown to the left was  released in the U.S. as a Target exclusive figure in 2000.  It is the same name, mold, colors, as the toy released in Japan-only Transformers Series, the Predacon Leader in Beast Wars Neo.  His only 'media' appearance as a Maximal, was a brief cameo appearance in the BotCon 2001 Exclusive comic shown below.  I'd like to presume that he teamed with the Maximals after Megatron's successful return and Conquering of Cybertron, following the Beast Wars story arc chronicled in, Beast Machines.

More Toy Pix:
robot mode (small)1b
robot mode (large)1c
robot mode, back angle view1f
techno organic leg detailing1g
(very cool indeed)
robot handgun/sword weapon1h
Beast Modes!
blue/purple Gigantosaurus (large) 2a
Gigantosaurus, higher angle, (small) 2b
Gigantosaurus, opposite side angle 2d
Elasmosaurus, large 2e
Q ueztalcoatlus side angle2g
Q ueztalcoatlus above angle 2i
Q ueztalcoatlus, below angle
Beast Modes al, together
beast modes all together 3b
combined, 'dragon' mode 3c

Shown below, Magmatron's less well known combined beast, 'dragon mode'.  If colors were at least slightly more uniform, it'd be darn cool.

Just had to show off that leg!  One of the best sculpted examples of Transformers "techno-organic" technology...