Bottom half in 'bot mode
cock-pit close-up
upper body/head 1
upper body/head 2
Cyber-jet mode, back view 
Hover Mode
Bot mode 1 (with legs)
Bot mode 2 (with legs)

front, straight on
in box front angle
bottom of Ultra Jetstorm Box
Other side of Jetstorm Box
Box Back (HUGE)
Box Back (a little smaller!)

jetstorm.jpg (26591 bytes)

Evil Vehicon: (Ultra) Jetstorm 
First seen in stores: hasn't been spotted in stores yet

Other appearances: The first Transformer named Jetstorm was a Generation 2 Decepticon color changer.  Sorry, I don't have a character page/link for him yet.  Also, there was of course the Deluxe version of this toy, released in January of 2000. 

There was also a dragon fly character released in 1997 Beast Wars.  Click HERE for specifics.  As we now know the true identity of the Vehicon Jetstorm, it is unlikely that he is somehow connected to the Beast Wars version.  What do you think?