The wise-crackin', sarcastic joker of the Maximals, Rattrap always complains about getting the dirty work although he usually gets the more exciting jobs  (& better lines!) than his fellow Maximals.   He had his fill of Earth the moment they crash landed on it and longs to return to his home-sweet-Cybertron.

Rattrap is quick to assume the worst. "We're all gunna die!"   Though, there is no doubting his competence & warrior skills after nearly single handedly thwarting Ravage's stealth cruiser/ Predacon Attack in Agenda pt 3.  Different than other typical 'pessimistic whiner' characters, Rattrap is a complex and interesting individual who made Beast Wars a show worth watching! 

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Evolution of Rattrap's Voice (.wav)
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Scott McNeil: "It's like with Rattrap, when I saw the picture I went okay you know he's this guy, and he's ah, he's kind of a street guy. And he's kinda, you know he's a little guy, and you know he's a tough streety guy, so ah maybe we'll make him from ah, you know like, Brooklyn! [laughter] ...?...~ ba-da-boom, there he is!" 

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  Beast Wars, Season 2 Episode 27, The Aftermath

Following the quantum surge, Rattrap gained the advantage of a meched out armor shell and a swift dragster vehicle mode.  A top notch soldier, his fellow Maximals rely on his reconnaissance reports to locate enemy outposts.  The new hot rod mode has increased his speed and agility on the battlefield, and a powerful, battle whip blade that he wields while in robot mode has made him a powerful adversary to all Predacons.

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