The result of an experiment gone awry, Rampage is an evil titan devoid of mercy.  Calculating and fearsome, he is a legend among Cybertrons, and it is rumored that his spark cannot be extinguished.  In king crab mode Rampage uses his hulking claws to generate colossal tidal waves, induce earthquakes, and trigger landslides.  Thought his bulk hinders his overall dexterity, Rampage makes good use of his impenetrable armor and multi-weapons arsenal in crab, tank and robot modes.  Galva-conductors on his back channel deadly electric currents that he disperses at will.  Rampage customarily activates his Gatling cannon to finish off his enemies in a deluge of cluster missiles.  All Cybertrons fear his unmatched aggression.

Allegiance: Predacon

Function: Warlord

motto: "Bawa-ha-aa-aa-a-aaaaaaa!"

First Show Appearance:
Beast Wars, Season Two
episode #34, "Bad Spark"

Final Show Appearance:
Beast Wars, Season 3
episode# 51, Nemisis, part 1

"My spark it feeds on terror,
let it grow!  Let it consume your
circuitry, feel the fear!"

More Pics:
toy, in robot mode -big
 toy, in crab mode -big 
toy, in crab mode -small
toy, tank mode -small 
cartoon, tank mode 

One of the most interesting character backgrounds in the Beast Wars belongs to Rampage.  It was explained by Optimus Primal that the "dark secret" of the Axalon's journey was to dispose of the individual, at the time in stasis-lock, known as "Protoform X" in deep space.  We learn that 'X' was the result of the seemingly immoral experiments of the Maximal Elders, in their attempt to replicate Starscream's mutant indestructible spark!

Optimus and the Maximal's mission with regard to Protoform X was incomplete and his pod crash landed on primitive Earth along with the rest of the stasis pods.  Rampage was reborn a huge Transmetal crab, by virtue of his stasis pod absorbing the technology waves released in the Trans-warp explosion.   Rampage is a renegade Predacon, who dislikes Megatron, and wouldn't follow a command were it not for the control Megatron has over his twisted and fragmented spark.  He tolerates Megatron only in waiting for the right moment to take back his spark and control his own destiny.

Other Appearances:   Interestingly, one of the names of the original G1 Predacons was also Rampage!  I like to think that the Rampage of Beast Wars was the same G1 RAMPAGE character.  Having become "Protoform X" throughout the experimentation by the Elders, he certainly could have taken back his original Rampage name. It's just a theory, but why not?  Visit the G1 Rampage character page to learn more.