In this column, we provde a plot summary and comments about some of the most popular Transformers shows ever to grace our televisions!  Unlike the summaries we give for the G1 TF shows on other sections of, here we'll only provide our 'grade' for the episode's plot, as the animation in the series is very consistent from episode to episode.  That is, we think it's all pretty outstanding!
Our Plot Grading Scale:
Excellent, good, okay, bad, terrible

The first season consisted of 26 episodes.  Here are the first 13:  (Much, but not all of these plot summaries are taken from the web site of BMachines story editor Bob Skir.)  

01 - Beast Wars, Part One:
An interstellar battle through a galactic wormhole causes the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons to crash on a strange planet. The planet turns out to be rich with the powerful crystal Energon, which causes the robotic forms of the Maximals and Predacons to short out over extended periods of time. To prevent damage, they take alternate forms based on the planet's native animals. Then the battle for the Energon begins.  Plot: good

02 - Beast Wars, Part Two:
Dinobot, one for the Predacons, is cast out by Megatron and joins the Maximals after a brief struggle for power with Optimus. The discovery of a giant Energon crystal leads to a climactic battle between the Maximals and the Predacons in their new beast forms. plot: okay

03 - The Web:
This episode contains one of the first references to G1 Transformers.  We get a glimpse of Starscream in jet mode during Cheetor's nightmare sequences.  Later, when Cheetor disobeys an order from Optimus, he finds himself caught in the web of Tarantulas. With the young Maximal's life on the line, Rattrap tries to outwit his eight- legged nemesis. There, Cheetor is trapped in a stasis web which begins draining his life energy. He is finally saved by Rattrap who gets into Tarantulas's lair and battles the spider for the life of Cheetor.  plot: good

4 - Equal Measures:
A combination of high-tech equipment and fluke of nature creates a transport device that beams Cheetor into the Predacon stronghold and Terrorsaur into the Maximal base.  plot: okay

05 - Chain of Command:
While investigating strange ruins on the planet, Optimus mysteriously vanishes inside an alien probe. this leads toconflict within the Maximal ranks as they try to determine leadership while battling the Predacons for the probe -and Optimus' life!            plot: good

06 - Power Surge:
Terrorsaur finds a floating mountain of Energon crystals and accidentally gets supercharged by them. He goes on a rampage which puts him in charge of the Predacons, then prepares to turn his power on the Maximals.  plot: okay

07 - Fallen Comrades:
One of the stasis pods lost in orbit during the initial space battle falls to ground in the frozen north. This leads to a race on both sides to recover the pod and the protoform transformer inside. Introduction of the character TIGATRON.  plot: good

08 - Double Jeopardy:
When a "mole" is suspected within the Maximal cadre, Rattrap must pretend to be a traitor to discover how the Predacons are learning of maximal missions.  plot: good

09 - The Probe:
When a probe from the Planet Cybertron arrives looking for the Maximal ship, the Maximals must battle overwhelming odds to build a transmitter capable of reaching the probe and getting them all back home.  plot: excellent

10 - Gorilla Warfare:
A 'viral mine' created by Scorponok is supposed to turn Optimus into a pacifist and coward. Instead, it turns him into a battle- hungry manic that is almost too dangerous for either side to handle.  plot: okay

11 - A Better Mousetrap:
Rattrap inadvertently sabotages Rhinox's defense system and finds himself trapped by it.  While he risks his hide to set things right, Tigatron battle Predacons who are trying to tunnel their way into the Maximal base.  plot: good

12 - Victory:
An explosion at the Predacon base appears to have wiped out the enemy and the Maximals think they have won the Beast Wars.  Using equipment scavenged from the enemy base, they repair their ship and prepare to return.  plot: okay

13 - Dark Designs:
Rhinox is captured by Megatron and reprogrammed as a Predacon. But an evil, conniving, ruthless and powerful Rhinox is the most dangerous enemy Megatron has ever faced!  The only saving grace of this episode is that it contains some of the first references to G1 Transformers. --After getting bonked on the head Waspinator shouts, "I am Shrapnel!  Decepticon hero-o-o-o!  And Blackarachnia mentions that the time from which they came is roughly 300 years after the end of the Autobot/Decepticon War. (otherwise the) plot (is): bad