Personally , I've never been a big GI Joe fan.  Always figured a make-believe world of war would be better to pretend w/ robots than people.  Enough real world, real evil, war I nevery had a  desire to play it...  Needless to say, TFs have long been connected w/ Yo Joe! toy line and never was this more true than in the early days of Generation 2.  As a matter of fact, the story of Megatron's return came not in the pages of GI Joe and in some ways picked up right where TF G1 #80 left off...

G.I. JOE #138 cover: UNFOLDINGS!
by: Larry Hama, Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville
  This story continues directly after events in TF# 80 when Megatron is on Earth. Scarlett infiltrates Destro Castle and initiates the “transformation” to battle station. She is stabbed by Snake Eyes, but who of us cares anyway? Megatron, thinking there may be another TF on Earth, pays the castle a visit.

by: Larry Hama, Chris Batista, Baskerville, Williams, Hudson, Wallace
Megatron works a trade with Cobra Commander. Megatron gets rebuilt as a tank.

G.I. JOE #140 cover: GOIN’ SOUTH
by: Larry Hama, Chris Batista, Chip Wallace: Megatron fulfills his end of the agreement and delivers the Ark to Cobra. G. I. Joe discovers his presence and sends a message to Cybertron.

G.I. JOE #141 cover: SUCKER PUNCH
by: Larry Hama, Steven Leiber, William Rosado, Scott Moulter, Chip Wallace
Megatron wants the final piece of the deal – Dr. Biggles-Jones. Scarlett demands Megatron put her down.

G.I. JOE #142 cover: FINAL TRANSFORMATIONS by: Larry Hama, Jesse Orozco, William Rosado, Chip Wallace, Tim Tuohy;  As Megatron begins to step on Scarlett the A’s arrive, including Hot Spot, Skydive, Brawn, Steeljaw, Override, and Chase (colored wrong)

TF: G2 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL cover: GHOSTS  by: Simon Furman, Geoff Senior;  On an alien world, Optimus sends Hot Rod to find a way to turn the tide. Who invited the monster?

TF: G2 #1 cover, inside cover art
by: Simon Furman, Derek Yaniger
Introduction of Jhiaxus and Rook. TF takes on a darker look. We always love to see Grimlock inflict major damage.

TF: G2 #2 cover: ALL OR NOTHING!
by: Simon Furman, Derek Yaniger, Manny Galan, Andrew Wildman
The battle on Earth featuring G. I. Joe escalades and Spike gets Fortress Maximus into the fray. Is it too little – too late? And “GHOSTS” from the Halloween Special is reprinted.

TF: G2 #3 cover: PRIMAL FEAR! by: Simon Furman, Manny Galan, Jim Amash, Marie Severin  Jhiaxus follows the A’s into the K’Tord nebula. A huge battle finds Optimus Prime pitted against Jhiaxus in a stalemate. But a bigger evil is present. And in “OLD EVILS” by Furman and Derek Yaniger, Bludgeon is creating a new army and needs the creation force of Optimus.

TF: G2 #4 cover: DEVICES AND DESIRES! by: Simon Furman, Manny Galan, Jim Amash, Marie Severin  Grimlock plans a hit & run mission, but gets caught in a trap. Prime’s intelligence really shows as he comes to the rescue. And in “TALES OF EARTH PT.1” by Furman and Derek Yaniger, Bludgeon uses the Earth as a calling card for Prime. If only he knew where Megatron was.

TF: G2 #5: THE POWER AND THE GLORY by: Simon Furman, Manny Galan, Jim Amash; Optimus Prime travels into the matrix to discover the history of TF’s, but leaves too soon. And in “TALES OF EARTH PT.2” by Furman, Galan, and Amash, Megatron fights Bludgeon for leadership.

TF: G2 #6 cover: THE GATHERING DARKNESS  by: Simon Furman, Manny Galan, Jim Amash;  Optimus Prime takes on the army of Megatron alone. Will Grimlock disobey orders and come to his rescue? And in “TALES OF EARTH PT.3” by Furman and Derek Yaniger, Megatron starts his assault on Earth