T A N K E R   T R A N S P O R T

Allegiance: Autobot|
Sub-Group:  Micromaster

Function: Ground Defense 
& Counterattack

First Cartoon Appearance: none 
First Comic Appearance: none

"Leave the enemy spitting dust and bolts!"

Headstrong heroes of armor and steel!  Able to carry emergency reinforcements and fuel supplies to any area of confrontation.  Combines to form a fully equipped battle platform and heavy-hitting assault vehicle.  Employs twin-gun emplacements for defensive maneuvers that blast Decepticons into deep space.  Utilizing the Micromaster Combiner feature, able to connect with other Combiners to form fast-attack vehicles equipped with multi-functional, combat and transport capabilities.  Commanded by Pipeline and Gusher who spend more time fighting each other than fighting the enemy!

Strength:  8
Intelligence:  7
Speed:  6
Endurance:  9
Rank:  8
Courage:  10
Firepower:  5
Skill:  7

Other Appearances:  Tanker Transport, comprised of Pipeline and Gusher, haven't made any appearances in the US, UK, or Japanese comic or cartoon series.