M I S S I L E   L A U N C H E R

Allegiance: Autobot|
Sub-Group:  Micromaster

Function: Long Range Defense

First Cartoon Appearance: none 
First Comic Appearance: none

"Perseverance leads to triumph."

An awesome array of military might.  In transport mode, able to easily scale steeply graded hills and rocky brush-filled terrain.  Converts into stationary battle platform for quick strike, counterattack maneuvers.  Platform equipped with dual gun emplacements, heavily protected Micromaster Combiner vehicle and hydraulic boarding ramps.  Also changes into two cybernetically superior micro robots in combiner mode.  Specially programmed for Decepticon surveillance and Autobot infantry support.  RETRO and SURGE are two tough tenacious fighters, who command this hard hitting battle unit.

Strength:  8
Intelligence:  7
Speed:  6
Endurance:  9
Rank:  8
Courage:  10
Firepower:  5
Skill:  7

Other Appearances:  Tanker Transport, comprised of Retro and Surge, have not made any appearances in the US, UK, Japanese comic/cartoon series or any facet of the Transformers Universe.