A S T R O   S Q U A D

Allegiance: Autobot|
Sub-Group:  Micromaster
Function: Interstellar Defense
First cartoon Appearance: none 
First Comic Appearance: none

"There is no speed like light speed!"

Other Appearances:  To the best of my knowledge the Astrosquad hasn't made any appearances in any facet of the Transformers Universe; not in G1 or any other US, UK, or Japanese comics or cartoon series.

Each Micromaster Combiner in the Astro Squad detaches from its main vehicle mode and can be re-attached with another Micromaster Combiner to create exciting new galactic special teams.  Self-sufficient warriors.  The Autobots first line of defense against the Decepticons.  Protected by an impenetrable coating of cyclonic steel for withstanding maximum energy photon blasts.  Able to travel at light speed and rocket across the galaxies in seconds.  Equipped with an array of advanced, technological, micro-circuitry for defensive maneuvers and deep space exploratory operations.  Also armed with an anti-gravitational device to counteract Decepticon tractor-beam attacks.  Sometimes travel too fast and over shoot objective.

Teamwork:  8
Cooperation:  9
Strength:  10
Endurance:  6
Speed:  10
Intelligence:  8
Courage:  7
Skill:  9