"From today's rubble-strewn fields shall emerge a new Decepticon worl!."

Affiliation: Decepticon
Sub-group: Pretender Monsters

Function: Demolitions

First cartoon appearance: None, in U.S. cartoon series

First comic appearance:
Transformers (Marvel) #67

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

lcepick is one of the most cheerful Decepticons -he truly loves his job and believes in its purpose. He immediately latched onto the Decepticon ideals of replacing the old and weak with the strong, and signed up for demolitions. With all of the fervor and ideological zeal of a propaganda ad, Icepick will gladly explain that it only makes sense to recycle the battered buildings of today into the technological marvels of a brave new Decepticon future. His efforts to convert others to the Decepticon cause have met with very limited success, but the upper echelon of Decepticon command appreciates his ceaseless efforts on their behalf, no matter how misguided. 

Subject possesses great strength and endurance, and above-average intelligence. His outer Pretender shell [See Pretenders] is so heavily armored that, in theoretical testing, no non-nuclear explosion was powerful enough to damage it. His claws can rend metal and crush concrete with almost no effort. In creature mode, Subject can leap a distance of 1.8 miles at a time. As a robot, he's armed with a fireball bazooka. Combines with fellow Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

Although he believes in what he preaches, Subject is not convinced of some of the more ruthless Decepticon tactics, especially when they involve unsuspecting victims. His outer shell is very slow.

Bibliography of significant appearances:
The Pretender Monsters made only one appearance in the G1 continuity:
* Transformers (Marvel) #67 - In this 'alternate reality' story, Galvatron reigns supreme and has left New York City in Ruins.  Interestingly, the story is set in 2009 and depicts a deactivated Rodimus Prime hung between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.  

* In later years the team was featured in GIJoe / Transformers Crossover series published by Devils' Due comics.

* The team was also featured in the IDW-verse as the lone combiner.  Apparently, in their view, combiners are an unheard of concept until Monstructor is developed by Jhiaxus...

Other Appearances:

- 1989 - The Pretender Monster component of Monstructor, Icepick is the only character in the the Transformers Universe with this name.

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