"For a world without evil, you need a 
universe without evil.

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Micromaster
Function: Aerospace Commander

First Cartoon Appearance: Countdown did not appear in the American cartoon series.  The cartoon pictures shown in this character page are image captures from the Japanese Transformers series.  Countdown fought alongside fellow Autobots, Diatlas, Skygarry, and many of the other Micromasters figures...   I don't know the specific name of this series but I thought you would at least like to see what he would have looked like, if the U.S. cartoon series not been canceled.

First Comic Appearance: None in the U.S., UK or any other comic series I know of.

An intergalactic hero and space explorer.  A legend to beings throughout the universe and an inspiration to his fellow Autobots.  Fought 1,000 battles and circled almost a million stars, defending the rights of the innocent.  Transforms to lunar rover with com-link disk that enables him to control the entire defense base from up to 30,000,000 miles away.  His interstellar rocket ship converts to mobile launch-pad armed with two energy-zapping de-kineto cannons that freeze objects in mid motion.  Ship is also designed to use planetary orbits and gravitational pulls to "slingshot" across entire galaxies in seconds.  Command base equipped with laser blasters, high-tech repair bay, interstellar and communications center, space tracking radar, and high speed launch pad.

Strength:  9
Intelligence:  10
Speed:  10
Endurance:  9
Rank:  9
Courage:  10
Firepower:  8
Skill:  10

Other Appearances: Not surprisingly, Countdown has made no other appearances in the Transformers Universe.