Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Pretender

Bludgeon's WEAPON (gun)

Function: Electric Warrior

First Cartoon Appearance: none

First Comic Appearance: 
Transformers #61 (Marvel)

"To know your own limits,
you must first know your foe's limits."

Bio:  Bludgeon is calm and prepaired, alwayss giving the disconcerting impression that he knows something no one else does. He frightens other Decepticons with his emotionless demeanor during combat. One of the few Descepticons who could be described as honorable, the aloof Bludgeon adheres to an archain code which only he understands. He feels that each worthy opponent he conquers adds to his own abilities, bringin him closer to his ideal of the "ultimate warrior." His superstitious ways and eerie religious practices disturb many Disceptioncs, but none can deny his effectiveness in combat. Not would they try, lest he turn his seemingly supernatural abilities against them.

Picture in the Marvel series and another...!

Weapons/ Abilities: Subject is one the most skilled hand -to-hand combatants currently on Cybertron and is a master of the forgotten art of Metallikato [see Martial Arts] Pretender shell [see Pretenders] has generators in his legs that produce disorienting clouds of black smoke. In his shell or robot mode, Subject is armed with a hign-powered energo-sword and accompanying shield, as well as an electric cannon (also the main weapon in tank mode). Possesses the abitity to internally generate electric fireballs that can be directed through his body or shell with a range of over 400 yards.

Weaknesses: Subject has no knows physical weaknesses, but adherence to his superstitious beliefs and code of honor can hamper his battlefield effectiveness.

Bio, Weapons/Abilities, Weaknesses text is taken from Dreamwave Comics, TF: More Than Meets the Eye #1.

Strength:  6
Intelligence:  8
Speed:  2
Endurance:  9
Rank:  6
Courage:  9
Firepower:  7
Skill:  10

Other Appearances: Bludgeon was always one of Simon Furman's favorites!  Bludgeon played an integral role in the latter issues of the Marvel G1 TF comic series, even leading the big D's! This character was also seen years later in the TF:Armada comics, "Worlds Collide" story line as one of the 'heralds of Unicron.'  There are no other incarnations of this character besides a TF:RID toy released in 2003 with the same name, a recolored G2 (air missile launch) Megatron toy.

Bludgeon shell, w/ weapons, toy

Below: an excelent moment in TF comics, courtesy of the great folks at Dreamwave!  The destroyed shell, w/ Bludgeon presumably still on the loose! 

It was a sad, sad day indeed in the mythos of the Transformers, and their fans.  With the cartoons ending years earlier, the final issue of the Marvel comic series coming to an end w/ issue #80.