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In 1989 Transformers fans saw the last of the Pretenders and the first of a new concept, the "Micromasters."  As a competitive toy company marketed 'MicroMachines' Transformers answered w/ teams in sets of four called "... Patrols."  We followed their stories in the comics which at the time, were still going strong.

It'll take us awhile before we can get to generating character pages for these guys, but have patience.  We will get to it eventually.  In the meantime, I thought you'd at least like to see the characters from 1989 in their boxes.  Enjoy!   :)
autobot.jpg (14862 bytes) The Autobots
of 1989

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decepticon.jpg (14862 bytes) The Decepticons
of 1989
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issue #54
issue #55
issue #56
issue #57
issue #58
issue #59
issue #60
issue #61
issue #62
issue #63
issue #64
issue #65

The Transformers
the comic series,
~year 6~

Personal note: I 'll always remember thinking that the cover to TF issue #55 was the worst drawn comic cover of all time!   Oh, I just hated it!  First of all, the drawing was ugly as sin, second of all I didn't care how small the micromasters are, there's no human that could ever womp a Transformer! Especially not one with hair as thick as spagetti, who wears green and purple pants and has a face so ugly his own mother cringe in disgust!  Ea-yuck!

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