"Freedom for all starts with freedom of navigation."

Affiliation: Autobot
Sub-group: Pretenders

Function: Naval Warfare
Alternate mode: Sea-Skimmer

First cartoon appearance: None, in U.S. cartoon series

First comic appearance:
Transformers (Marvel) #40


Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

BIO:  Traveling the seas provides Waverider with the sense of freedom he needs to reconciler his peaceful nature with his life as a warrior.  Waverider wants to understand himself and his place in the universe, and he's fascinated by metaphysical theories-which he tries to apply to the problems of his friends, often unsuccessfully.
Thoughtful and spiritual, he prefers to talk things out and is always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. The problem is that Waverider sometimes wants to help too much, even when someone plainly doesn't want to talk about a problem! Most don't hold it against him; they understand that Waverider is a caring and honestly concerned Autobot. He entertains himself with the true-to-life "out-of-body" experience he gets when working alongside his shell. Despite his peaceful beliefs, Waverider knows he has a job to do and believes deeply in his cause, making him a grimly determined warrior when the situation warrants. 

WEAPONS/ABILITIES:  Subject possesses above-average strength, intelligence, and endurance. He is an acccmplished warrior and sailor, with a specialty in naval battle tactics. His outer Pretender shell is armed with an energy-spear gun (useable in all modes) that fires bolts of paralyzing electricity and a thermal broad-axe. . His aquatic sea skimmer mode is capable of diving and operating at depths as great as 25,000 feet without any ill effects.

WEAKNESSES: Subject's shell is designed for underwater operations; it takes time for it to lose its "sea legs" and readjust to land-based functions. 

Bibliography of significant appearances:  Besides Landmine and Cloudburst most of the Autobot Pretenders made very few appearances in the Transformers Universe.
* (Marvel) Transformers #40 - Autobot Pretenders created by Scorponok Brainstorm and Highbrow.
* He also makes some brief cameo appearances in the IDW universe.

Other Appearances:

To date, there has been only one character with the name in the Transformers Universe.
- 1988 - Autobot Pretender Waverider

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