"Broken Autobots never mend."

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Seacon Team Leader

First cartoon appearance: None in North America series

First comic appearance:
The Transformers (Marvel Comics) #47

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description from The Transformers G1 series by Marvel Comics.

Profile: Snaptrap was nicknamed "The Butcher of the Bogs" after he single-handedly scrapped an entire regiment of Autobots in the Toxic Sludge Swamps of Cybertron. He's a one robot wrecking crew whose programming seemingly consists of one command: "Destroy!" And he does just that, creating havoc and chaos wherever he goes. Both admirers and enemies agree: He is as cold hearted and cruel as any machine ever manufactured, Megatron included.  Snaptrap's battle tactics are brutal confirmation of this observation. With lethal efficiency, he methodically advances against the enemy, swaying his head right and left and picking off anyone he sees. He's unconcerned about counterattack since he's virtually invulnerable to weapons-fire.  Those merely wounded by his first assault earn his extra attention, he moves to within point blank range so that his next shot will blast them to bits. He continues this strategy until either he's sent his foes running or he's left their twisted, charred bodies to rust on the battlefield. As Seacon Commander, he leads more by terror than by example. His followers understand that any sign of dissension on their parts will result in their destruction on his part.

Abilities: In tortoise mode, Snaptrap is nearly impervious to weapons-fire. Durabylium-steel alloy armor shields his body. He carries two audio module shattering, rapid-fire, retractable sonic shell cannons, eight turret mounted photon beam ports, and a turret-mounted, semi-automatic atom smasher cannon, which he can also use in robot mode. In both modes he is slow: His maximum speed is 20 mph on land, 30 mph in tortoise mode at sea. In robot mode he also uses a fire-rimmed incendiary sword. He combines with his fellow Seacons to form the super-robot Piranacon.

Weaknesses: The armor plates on Snaptrap's underside in tortoise mode are relatively thin. Designed to facilitate his ability to float and maneuver in the water, they also leave him vulnerable to attacks from below. Luckily for Snaptrap, few of his enemies-and even fewer of his so-called "friends" are aware of this weakness. 

Bibliography of significant appearances: 
* (Marvel) Transformers #47- All members of the Decepticon Seacon team are seen hunting the pirate treasure off the shores of "Club Con" in this episode.
* (Marvel) Transformers #49- Under the command of (gulp, I can hardly say it) "Commander Ratbat," The Seacons unite into Piranacon.
* (Marvel) Transformers #50 - The Seacons get a very brief cameo appearance in trying to lay a smackdown to a soon to be Underbase powered Starscream.
* a few additional cameo appearances in a couple Marvel UK comics, including UK #268 where the team is (relatively speaking) featured.

Other Appearances:

- 1988 - G1 original Seacon Snaptrap
- 2008 - Transformers Collector Club-exclusive, a recolor of the G1 original.

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